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Tell us about yourself

Apart from growing up in Canada, I am innovative and spontaneous. I work with dedication and preciseness. I have an open attitude and seek ways in which I can motivate and inspire others. Over the past few years I’ve crossed off several goals on my bucket list including: running two 1/2 marathons, volunteering in Kenya and Uganda, backpacking Europe, moving abroad, and pursing a Masters degree (nearly graduated!). Next up: climb one of the seven summits, Kilimanjaro!

5 facts people might not know about you
  • I am a pretty open book, but if I had to choose I’d say:
  • I sleep with an eye mask on
  • I am obsessed with appelstroop and aged cheddar cheese sandwiches
  • My dream was to become a broadway star when I was a kid
  • My favourite snack bar go-to is bami!
  • I think white lilies are the most beautiful flowers *hint hint*
What profession other than Rocycle instructor would you like to attempt?

It would be great to become a full-time university professor or a fieldwork researcher both in the realm of gender and sexuality studies, and combine it with being a yoga teacher!

 Why should people join your classes?

Ro’cyclers either come by themselves, with a friend, or in a group. However, no matter who they come with, my classes provide a space where everyone feels connected, supported and able to celebrate their accomplishments as a collective.

Which song is your guilty pleasure?

Ever since I watched White Chicks with the Waynes brother, A Thousand Miles is my not-so-guilty karaoke favourite!

What is the best Rocycle advise you have been given?

Although I should have listened but I didn’t, somebody advised me never to eat dinner moments before a spin class. Let’s just say I didn’t feel so hot…

Who was your childhood hero?

My mom was superwoman and my father was superman! They were, and still are, great super-parents!

Name 3 words to best describe your post-Ro’Ride feeling?

Hungry, thirsty, alive!

Words to live by…

authenticity is the greatest currency

All-time favorite Rocycle song?

That’s a tough question! If I have to chose one it would be Bum Bum Tam Tam – I just love the double tap-backs to this beat!

What is your favorite ride of the week? 

The Ro’Yal, baby! That Ro’Yal family brings their A-game every Saturday morning! They deserve the throne every time!

What means happiness to you?

Being able to live in the moment.

What has been your most memorable moment of your Ro career so far?

Defos Jeff’s Birthday Bash ride! I got to celebrate my 24th birthday with a full class of my friends, boyfriend, and the dedicated Rocycle crew! There was so much love in that room it was insane!


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