Tell us about yourself
I was born and raised in a small town in Texas with a population of about 3000 people. I started singing and dancing at the young age of 6. Music has always been a big passion in my life. Fitness has also played a large role in my life, I love swimming and tennis and since I can remember I’ve been doing those two things. My love for spinning started in New York City and since then I haven’t been able to get enough.

5 facts people might not know about you                                                       

1. I was a vegetarian for 7 years
2. I prefer Starbucks coffee over any fancy cafe
3. I’m fluent in Spanish
4. I was raised in a super conservative Christian household
5. When I grow up I want to be a superstar


What profession other than Rocycle instructor would you like to attempt?
 I would have loved to try politics. Perhaps even have run for president of the USA. I took a course in political science in university and it was one of my favorite classes ever!! 

Why should people join your classes?
I don’t stop! I don’t give you time to think! We keep breathing and we keep moving! 45 minutes will never feel faster!

Which song is your guilty pleasure?
Look what you made me do – T Swift

What is the best Rocycle advice you have been given?
People paid to spend 45 minutes with you, you better work honey!!! (Ps I gave that advice to myself when I was nervous at the beginning)

Who was your childhood hero?
To be honest I don’t have one. I’ve always admired different people for different aspects. I’ve never just looked up to one person. 

Name 3 words to best describe your post-Ro’Ride feeling?
Peace, content, ready. 

Words to live by…
Be yourself, because who else is better than you!

 All-time favorite Rocycle song?
Can’t just choose one. Guess you’ll just have to listen to my playlists.
Curious for more? Follow Joey’s favorites playlist on the Rocycle Spotify, wich include the Ro’riders favorites from Joey’s rides as well!

What is your favorite ride of the week?
Monday at 18:00.

What means happiness to you?
Living your life how you want it.

What has been your most memorable moment of you Ro career so far?
I would have to say my first class ever was sold out and the energy was amazing!!!

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