Instructor of the month: LUUK – Rocycle
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Instructor of the month: LUUK


Tell us about yourself

Hi everyone! For those who don’t know me, my name is Luuk. I was born and raised in Rotterdam. From an early age I  started gymnastics and not much later I found my passion for dancing. The School of Performing Arts brought me to the charming city of Amsterdam. I fell in love with the city, theater and work outs. A year ago fellow instructor Martijn introduced me to Rocycle, I was a big fan from the first minute and soon became an addict. At that moment I couldn’t imagine myself being the instructor of the month a year later. I thank Rocycle for let me do my own, crazy thing, but especially the riders for making every single ride an unforgettable experience.

Five things about Luuk

  • my favorite movies are: White Chicks, American Beauty and LaLaLand
  • One of my hobbies is to create all kinds of Spotify playlists (yes, my rides are on there too)
  • I tried soccer for 2 weeks, but I started to collect flowers on the field instead of following the ball
  • Whenever I shower I always finish with cold water
  • My guilty food pleasure is cake, lots of cake. Especially cheesecake, chocolate cake and red velvet cake

What profession other than Rocycle instructor would you like to attempt?

Next to Rocycle I’m a musical performer. I love to sing, act and dance. In my career I’ve performed in shows like ‘Grease’, ‘Sky’ and I’m currently part of the cast of the musical ‘Soldaat van Oranje’. For me the combination of being on stage and on the bike works perfect!

Why should people join your ride?

For me the most important thing is really share the experience together, and I’m giving my 100% for that so we can lift each other up. Join my ride, experience it and let’s take ourselves not too serious. Let’s make it a big party!

Which song is your guilty pleasure?

Let’s get loud – Jennifer Lopez

What is the best Rocycle advise you have been given?

I heard once from Leonie: If you don’t believe yourself, your rider won’t believe you as well. That’s a thing I’m taking with me every day, I really want to be myself on the bike, not a character.

Who was your childhood hero?


Name 3 words to describe your Ro’Ride feeling.

Ecstasy, fun, challenging.

Words to live by…

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

All-time favorite Rocycle song

Let’s have a Kiki – The Scissor Sisters

What is your favorite ride of the week?

Off course the POP DIVA Theme ride. I love seeing everyone sing with the lyrics. Plus… new songs every week!

What does happiness mean to you?

For me happiness means accepting the good and the bad stuff in your life. Knowing that you need darkness to have light, night to have day and shitty days to have good days.

What has been your most memorable moment at Rocycle so far?

One time my mic broke in class, but that made the Ro’Riders only wilder, everyone started screaming for the last minutes. Crazy!

Personal instagram?


Any last words?

Don’t stress, move your ass to class 😉


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