Instructor of the month: ROWEN – Rocycle
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Instructor of the month: ROWEN


Tell us about yourself

Born and raised in Amsterdam de Pijp. Had the best childhood with my beautiful, creative parents and brother. I remember dancing and singing… a lot! Every day! At the age of  2 I started taking ballet classes, when I turned 6 I started taking classes at Dansacademie Lucia Marthas (Institute for Performing Arts Amsterdam), the same school where I eventually graduated for my master of Performing Arts in 2011.

5 facts people might not know about you

  • I have 50% Tunisian roots
  • I’m obsessed with Kickboxing
  • I am a huge Andre Hazes fan
  •  I have no TV at home
  •  My mom attends my rides every once a week

What profession other than Ro’Rider would you like to attempt?

A singer! Which I am 🙂 I chose to make two of my fav’ things in the world my profession. The combination is perfect. As a singer I get to make people dance, as a trainer I get to make people push limits while moving their body. And all of that to great music!

Why should people join your classes?

To release stress and anxiety. The goal is to walk out of the studio feeling proud of ourselves, powerful, content and full of energy.

Which song is your guilty pleasure?

Have you ever been mellow (Party Animals) & The Logical Song (Scooter)
Hahaha, I don’t know why but these two tracks just make me wanna JUMP!

What is the best Rocycle advise you have been given?

“First timers: don’t sit in the first row!”. I was so happy someone told me that, damn!

Who was your childhood hero?

My brother and Michael Jackson… Best entertainers of my life!

Name 3 words to best describe your post-Ro’Ride feeling?

After class I feel so full of energy, I just wanna drive to Berlin and dance to some proper techno.

Words to live by…

‘When you believe you will achieve’ and ‘Speak your heart’. Both can be such a challenge but they always bring me something good eventually!

All-time favorite Rocycle song?

I like to end my rides with ‘Smack my bitch up’ by The Prodigy. It seems to bring you to another level. I’ve experienced the most amazing energy with my riders during that last track!

What is your favorite ride of the week?

The RO’YAL rocks my Saturday, every time again!

What means happiness to you?

Appreciating and accepting life, the freedom of being able to be who you are, being at peace with yourself, feeling content. I’d like to say ‘living in the moment’ but I’m still working on that one, haha!

What has been your most memorable moment of you Ro career so far?

My second RO’YAL Ride, I remember the energy being insane! It literally felt like a Saturdaynight out with my friends.

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