Instructor of the month: Sanne – Rocycle
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Instructor of the month: Sanne


Tell us about yourself

I grew up in a small town called ’t Goy. Ever since I was little, I’ve danced. I took singing and dance classes every single night! After my studie musicaltheatre in Tilburg, I moved to Amsterdam, which was definitely one of the best choices I have made so far -awesome city, awesome vibes!

Besides my teaching at Rocycle, I work at the casting agency Groen Casting.

My schedule can be hectic, so I’m always trying to find time to see my friends and family. Going to festivals is also one of my favorite things to do in my time off. Having an epic time with a great bunch of friends is a way to create memories that will last a lifetime!

5 facts people might not know about you                                                       

  • I started playing in professional musicals at the age of 8. My first role was Gretl in the Sound of Music.
  • I hate cooking dinner. I am not really all that much of a chef.
  • I get cold easily. Thick, fluffy, oversized sweaters and hot chocolate are elementary for my survival!
  • I love to take Power Naps.
  • One of my favorite things to do is to play music really loud and dance my butt off in the morning. I’ll do it alone in my apartment. You can’t have a bad day after that.

What profession other than Rocycle instructor would you like to attempt?
I graduated my studie musicaltheatre at ‘Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten’ in 2016. I played in shows like The Sound of Music, Annie, Late night zomercabaret and Pinokkio.

Singing, dancing and acting are my passions.  I would love the combination of being on stage again and teaching at Rocycle. Best of both worlds.

Why should people join your classes?
I combine my love for movement, sweat and powerful music in a high-energy class. Fitness became a huge part of my life, and I wanted to share my love for music and movement through teaching.

My high-energy class will challenge you to exceed your limits. You’ll leave feeling empowered, energized and badass!

Which song is your guilty pleasure?
Lay all your love on me –  ABBA

What is the best Rocycle advice you have been given?
If your ride ever feels easy, add more resistance! Take your ride to the next level.

Who was your childhood hero?
Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Name 3 words to best describe your post-Ro’Ride feeling?
Like a badass. Bam!

Words to live by…
Hakuna Matata – It means no worries!

 All-time favorite Rocycle song?
Hit the road Jack – Remix version throttle

What is your favorite ride of the week?
Tuesday mornings. First of all, it’s not a Monday, and second, for me, it feels like the most productive day of the week.

What means happiness to you?
Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing.

What has been your most memorable moment of you Ro career so far?
You never forget your first time. Mine was with Luuk. I was both excited and nervous. I can’t tell you a single song that was played or a single move we did on the bike, but I walked out of Roycle knowing that I wanted to be an instructor. It felt so magical and good.

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