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Instructor of the month: stef


Tell us about yourself 
Hi everyone! I’m Stef. I’m 26 years old, and I’ve been living in Amsterdam since the beginning of this year. Just like a lot of other instructors here at Rocycle, I’m trained as a musical theatre performer. After 4 years of conservatory in Tilburg, I graduated in 2015, temporarily leaving Holland behind for Germany. Over the past few years I’ve lived in Hamburg and Vienna and toured Germany for some time. Though my passion for sports goes back a long time, it was in Vienna that I had my first encounter with indoor cycling. What I remember the most from my first time was the huge contrast between how anxious I felt before going in and how invincible I felt when walking out. I was instantly hooked, so when I moved back to Amsterdam I was happy to find my place at Rocycle right away. I’m currently balancing my classes during the day with evenings on the stage. In my spare time I enjoy meeting up with friends, hitting the gym and spending some quality time on the couch with my favorite Netflix series.

5 facts people might not know about you

– I cannot watch any sci-fi related films or series. It induces instant narcolepsy.

– Last month I tried ASMR for the first time. Now, I’m kinda hooked and weirdly ashamed to talk about it.

– I’m a true champion at losing things. Not just things, particularly my phone, my wallet and my keys.

– Addicted to anything that contains or has come into contact with peanut butter.

– Fellow instructors Melinda and Luuk are former musical theater colleagues of mine!


If you weren’t a Rocycle instructor, what career would you pursue?

There are a lot of professions I’d like to give a try, even if it would be for just a day. I’d like to be a pastry chef, for example. The detail that goes into that work! It would really tickle my inner OCD. Also, I’d give my right arm to find out what it’s like to be an undercover FBI agent! Then on a more serious note, I’m always inspired by young entrepreneurs who come up with a brilliant business plan and set up their own company. One day I’d like to partner up with someone to think of an inventive business concept and help it come to life. Until that day, I’ll be saving up money for the execution of it all. Maybe by getting paid to attend parties – another profession I’d definitely like to give a go!

Why should people join your classes?

In my classes I’m always challenging my riders to chase personal progress. No two rides are the same. I don’t care about how much or how little fitness experience you have; we all work at the top of our own abilities. The energizing cohesiveness of working out in a group pushes every rider to have a very powerful, individual experience that allows access to new levels of physical and mental strength you didn’t know you had in you.

Which song is your guilty pleasure?

Just A Little – Liberty X


What is the best Rocycle advice you have been given?

Have fun on that bike! Technique is important, but always add a touch of your own sass or swag while riding. Shimmy shake your shoulders and let your booty bounce! Never let it become ‘just a workout.’


Who was your childhood hero?

Maleficent. A true spirit animal.


Name 3 words to best describe your post-Ro’Ride feeling?

ON F*CKING FIRE! It’s the only way to describe it. A completely euphoric adrenaline rush.


Words to live by…

It’s impossible to beat a person who never gives up on their goals. Be that person!


All-time favorite Rocycle song?

Satisfaction – Benny Benassi. A classic. Sick beat, dirty bass. Love it!


What is your favorite ride of the week?

Monday night rides! You know you’re an absolute champion when you can kick off a new work week and still get your ass on that bike afterwards.

What is happiness to you?

Being able to live life in the present, full of self-confidence and facing every day with a smile. That’s one definition of happiness. The other one is chocolate.


What has been your most memorable moment of your Ro’career so far?

Every time I see all those beautiful sweat-dripping faces as they step out of the studio and back into the daylight. It’s as if we’re all leaving the club in the morning after a crazy night out.


Personal Instagram

@stefvangelder. Always feel free to send me a DM with any feedback on my classes – or hit me up in the studio!



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