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Instructors & their moms


When we think about how far we’ve come in life and what we’re grateful for, there is one thing we simply cannot overlook: our mothers. These wonderful, strong women gave us life and guided us through it. So if you’ve ever wondered just where our incredible instructors came from, this is your lucky day.

Let us introduce you to some of the most badass mamas around, and find out why our instructors love them.

Tiela: Lisa Brown, my mother, is my rock. She single-handedly raised 4 wonderful, unique and strong (if I do say so myself) individuals she gets to call her children. I take pride in every step I take in life knowing my mother has been there and gone out of her way to ensure I am doing the right thing, taking the correct avenue in life that I want to follow. She has gone out of her way to ensure we have come first, before her. She has always been my heroine, and as I’m writing this, I am actually getting homesick. I love my mum with all my heart and would not know what freedom was without her teaching us her ways through hardships and triumphant milestones in her own life!! She’s selfless, intelligent, loving and open to anyone who deserves her time and presence. I pride myself in moulding who I am as an adult by channelling what this magnificent woman has taught me. Ik hou van jou ma!! 

Babette: What I love about my mom is that she will always try to find a way to help someone in need. She will discuss options and offer you solutions or help in any way she can. She is the best at taking care of people. She had a tough childhood but is a strong woman with a huge heart who tries to make everyone feel loved and at home because of it.

Dennis: My mum is the most lovable person in the world; she sends out so much love to other people. She is a person who will put your needs before her own. That’s why I love her so much and also how she inspires me.

Luuk: My mum was the most caring, crazy and beautiful mum in the world! Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned; she passed away two years ago. But because of that my love for her only grew stronger. The bond between a mother and child is not influenced by time or place, and that’s what is so beautiful about it. I am a real momma’s child: all the theatre, energy and craziness is all thanks to her. Her biggest wish was and still is that I’ll be happy and doing what I love. That’s why I try to follow my heart and stay true to myself every single day.
Rowen: My mom is my biggest daily inspiration. It feels like every day of my life she thrives in spirituality and knowledge. Whenever I’m dealing with a difficult energy or situation, she refers me to the perfect book, podcast or answer. Wherever my mom walks in, she brings this warm, caring and loving energy – cause that’s who she is. The way I stand in life is because of what she taught me; what we see in life depends on what we’re looking for. It’s safe to say that my mom is the most open-minded person I know. I see her and my dad nearly every day, and I’m very grateful for that. I admire the way they showed me how to really love myself, through beautiful and difficult times. Oh, and she rides with me every week – such a TROOPER!


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