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Jeff’s Gym Bag Sneak Peek


Not too long ago, we got an exclusive view into what Jeff’s got stashed away in his fridge. We don’t know about you, but it left us hungry. Hungry for all the delicious things he had inside and hungry for more info about our lovely Canadian instructor. So today, we’ve got a follow-up for you, a sneak peek into what Jeff has squirreled away in his gym bag.

We spy lots of Lululemon. Have you always been a fan, being Canadian? Why do you like the brand?

Lululemon and I go waaaay back! I worked for the company for 3.5 years in Toronto, Canada and for a year in Amsterdam. Hands down, it’s the best company to work for. The company culture aligns with my personal values, they treat their employees like gold and, of course, their products are amazing quality! Whether you’re looking for sporting gear, to-and-from or clothing for your everyday adventures, their products are moisture-wicking, offter two or four-way stretch and are fashion-forward (in my opinion anyways!). I recommend Lululemon to everyone!

Sounds pretty terrific, though we hope Rocycle is also a great place to work! We see a bottle of cult product Santal 33. Can you talk us through your grooming routine?

To some, I may seem high maintenance with my collection of organic skincare prodcuts, but I want to ensure I don’t feel (and look!) 40 when I turn 40… As soon as I wake up, I get rid of my morning breath (yes – everyone has it!) with Crest White toothpaste. Afterwards, I use Osmia Organics Black Clay Facial Soap as a cleanser. To moisturise, I lather on May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon. Unfortunately, I don’t always get the recommended eight hours of sleep, so to mask my dark eye bags, I use Well People’s Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer.

Everyone gets them every now and again, so we wouldn’t worry too much about them. We love that you’ve got a banana to refuel. Is this what you usually bring for pre/post-ride nibbling?

It depends! If I’m teaching in the morning, I usually eat a banana before class because I can‘t ride on an empty or full stomach. I always carry one with me wherever I go in order to avoid getting hangry…

There’s truly nothing worse than being hangry! How does what’s in your bag change seasonally?

Nothing changes except I tend to pack some layers, like a sweater and a scarf, and I usually bring an umbrella because the weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable!

Don’t we know it! Why do you love this particular gym bag? What made you pick it?

It leaves room to pack only my essentials! My favourite feature is the bottom storage with ventilation holes, which is where I keep my sweaty clothes after I teach so it doesn’t stink up the rest of my bag!

Not going to lie, that is a pretty smart design. Perhaps a Rocycle version needs to be made… You’ve got a notebook and pen there. Is that for planning your classes?

My Moleskin agenda is my lifesaver! I have to write down everything I need to do or else I’ll forget. I get a lot of satisfaction from crossing off my things on my ‘to-do list.’

We totally get that. Makes you feel accomplished, right? So, what is the one thing you’d suggest every Ro’rider always keep on hand in their gym bag?

I know it’s missing from my photo, but a toothbrush and toothpaste is key! Fresh breath never harms anyone J.


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