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Keep Calm and Carry On


It may be British slogan, but the sentiment is universal. In our hectic world, we’re always striving to be better. Better than each other. Better versions of ourselves. Better, better, better. And though there’s nothing wrong with always aiming to grow as people and achieve our goals, it’s detrimental to our mental and physical health to be constantly comparing ourselves to those around us.

Though giving up this comparison mentality would be wonderful, it’s easier said than done. We look around us and see friends getting promotions, cousins getting engaged and colleagues buying apartments. Even if we were secure, we start to feel a bit down and think that we will never accomplish as much as the people we know. And while these can be natural thoughts, they are terribly self-destructive.

There are a number of issues with this mindset, but the root of the problem is the fact that we all put immense pressure on ourselves. And guess what. We don’t need to do that! Trust us when we say you’ve done enough, and you will continue to do enough. You are enough.

But if our words of encouragement aren’t quite enough to put your fears at ease, we have a few methods we use to chill out and remind ourselves we’re already worthy. So stop looking at others’ successes and take a breather. You’re wonderful just the way you are. We promise!

Detox from social media. We feel like we recommend this time and time again as a cure for a whole host of issues, but it really does work wonders. Looking at seemingly perfect people living seemingly perfect lives, as you scroll through Instagram is totally disheartening. It’s also totally fake. Nobody’s life is as wonderful as they make it out to be on the Internet. So get off your phone, and live your life!

Accept what you cannot change. It can be incredibly frustrating when we look at those Victoria’s Secret models with legs for days and wish we could look like them. But, you know what? You can’t make your legs grow! Just like you can’t change how lucrative the job market is or snap your fingers and be in a long-term relationship. Rather than stressing about the things you can’t alter, take a deep breath and recognize some things are just out of your control.

Be kind to your soul. Self-affirmations are like emotion potions. A few kind words or 15 minutes of self-affirming meditation will ground you and remind you of all your wonderful characteristics. And just think: there are probably loads of people around you who envy you1

Be kind to your body. Turns out self-care is actually pretty damn comforting. Take a long, luxurious bath, go for a massage or wake up extra early to fit in that Ro’ride. When you take care of yourself, you will have a deeper appreciation for yourself.


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