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Keep calm & cool down


We know, we know. You’re busy. Like really busy, right? And trust us, we get it. But while it can feel pretty imperative to rush off to the showers, we would like to make a plea. A plea for you to take those few extra minutes to cool down.

  1. #1. Being a bit flexible with your time will make you more flexible.

    And who doesn’t want to be a bit more limber? Most of us squeeze in workouts into our hectic schedules, but we rarely make time to work on our mobility and flexibility. A Ro’ride will leave your muscles tired and overworked, and it is essential that you work on your range of motion to avoid injury and make class smooth sailing.

  2. #2. It will speed up your recovery.

    We don’t know about you, but we often feel dead for a few days after a 45-minute session in the studio. A quick stretch after class will help you reduce stiffness, as it will encourage an intense blood rush to the muscles when you release each stretch. No stiffness means more opportunities to kill it on the bike.

  3. #3. It is kind to your heart.

    There’s nothing better than getting your blood pumping and heart racing during a song packed with tapbacks, but it is incredibly important to let your heart rate return safely to normal after a session. If you just hop off the bike without letting it ease its way back to normal, you can put stress on your heart and bodily systems.

  4. #4. It sets you up for the day or evening ahead.

    Think about it. You’ve just cycled your heart out and are feeling ready to take on the world. You’re basically the hulk, surging with energy. Though this is a fantastic feeling, it might not be the right mind-set to head into work or to dinner with friends. If you stay for the cool down, you allow your mind to readjust and reset, easing you into life mode.

  5. #5. It gives you a moment to yourself.

    Let’s face it: you so rarely have a single moment to yourself, a moment to breathe and take store. While this is just a handful of minutes at the end of your ride, you can look at it as your “me time.” Stretch a little, take a deep breath and relax. You’ll be much happier for it.


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