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Having a beautiful, serene home is one of the easiest ways to set yourself up for wellness. After all, your home is your sanctuary. You want to feel totally, completely at home. Duh! After all, this month we are focusing on staying in and how to make it the best, most relaxing it could possibly be. And though we do suggest investing in your space as much as you invest in your mental and physical health, we do understand that it can get a bit pricey.

Turns out you don’t actually have to spend the big bucks in order to create a gezellig home that will make getting up for that 7:00 A.M. Ro’ride just that much sweeter. In fact, with a little time and some creativity, you can transform even regular old Ikea furniture into something beautiful that you can’t wait to show off.

So, without further ado, our favourite hacks for upgrading your inexpensive finds to make them look totally luxe.

  1. #1. Heavy metals. Don’t bother with turning on Black Sabbath, as we’re talking about metallic spray paint here. Take a can of gold or copper spray paint and make those plain old shelves look like a piece of art.
  2. #2. Don’t hardwire the hardware. Swapping out standard knobs, pulls and handles from the drawers or doors of your cabinets, dressers and nightstands adds visual interest and glams things up. Anthropologie has fantastic ones, but it’s also tons of fun to head to an antique market or Van Dijk en Ko in Amsterdam Noord to find unusual, one of a kind pieces that you can mix and match.
  3. #3. Put the best face forward. If you’re looking to do a real overhaul on the cheap and have Ikea cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen, you’re in luck. Rather than blowing through your budget on a whole new kitchen or bathroom, why not swap out the cabinet doors for chic, custom-looking ones from somewhere like Superfront. Your space will look brand new for half the price in no time.
  4. #4. Get a leg up. One of the compromises you often make when buying less expensive furniture is really the small details. Switching out something as small and simple as the legs on a chair or sofa for something a bit more upscale or suited to your own vibe can make a huge difference in the piece’s aesthetics.
  5. #5. Give tables a facelift. You may be tempted to just chuck tired, old tables or shelves away, feeling like they are beyond hope, but don’t do it just yet! Investing in a little bit of stylish, funky temporary wallpaper could save you having to purchase a new coffee table for your living room. Choose a vibrant temporary wallpaper and get to work covering any flat-surfaced furniture you don’t like. Who said custom-designed furniture had to be expensive?!

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