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Life in plastic, it’s not fantastic!


Though it might be a fantastic song, I think it’s about time we move away from Aqua’s original lyrics. It’s 2019, and we really should care as much about the health of the environment as we do about the health of our bodies. After all, it is our planet.

We know that it can be a tough transition to a life without plastic, so we at least want to make things a bit easier for you. You don’t have to adopt all of these changes every single day, but even making a few small swaps or taking some tiny steps toward plastic reduction can have a huge impact on the environment.

  1. #1. The final straw. We know they’re fun to sip on, but do you really need that straw? Your drink will taste the same without it. Trust us. And if you’re really jonesing for something to slurp with, buy a stainless steel reusable straw to tote with you.
  2. #2. Refuse the receipt. If we’re honest, we throw most of our receipts out anyway. Turns out a lot of receipts are coated in a thin layer of plastic that makes them unrecyclable. Who needs them!
  3. #3. Quit Q-tips. Q-tips with plastic in the middle are totally unnecessary. If you still want to use them to touch up smudged eyeliner or delicately clean your ears, try and find those made from totally natural materials.
  4. #4. Get a better bag. Instead of trundling out of the Albert Heijn with tons of plastic bags you are likely to toss as soon as you get home and unpack all of your groceries, stock up on some adorable reusable totes. Can’t find one you like? Why not bring your Hey. Sunshine. bags from your favorite spin studio. You’ll be turning heads and saving the planet at the same time.
  5. #5. Brush off your plastic habit. One of the most common plastic items in everyone’s home is their toothbrush. It may seem impossible to find a toothbrush that isn’t made of plastic when you’re scanning the shelves at Etos, but we know of a chic, sustainable bamboo toothbrush that will keep your pearly whites gleaming.
  6. #6. Be the breadwinner. We’re not saying you have to make lots of money to help the earth, but choosing your bread wisely can make a difference. Rather than picking up a loaf wrapped in plastic at the supermarket, pop over to your local bakery (on your bike!) and order up a tastier loaf of bread and ask them to wrap it in paper.
  7. #7. Bottle it up. Each year, people use and throw away 13 billion plastic bottles. That’s a lot. Be a wellness warrior and champion of the planet and refill your reusable Rocycle waterbottle when you come to class or when you head into the office. Bonus points for looking cool while you stay cool.
  8. #8. Temper your tampon use. We must admit, this tip might not be for everyone. If you use tampons, try switching to a silicon menstrual cup to avoid monthly plastic waste.
  9. #9. Deliverance. We all order delivery from time to time, and it’s pretty difficult to transport your Pad Thai in a bowl from the restaurant, but make sure you tell the delivery company to leave the plastic cutlery at the restaurant. And, if they have it, request sustainable packaging in the comments.
  10. #10. It is your beeswax. Some people may say that saving the planet is none of their beeswax, but how we treat the environment affects us all. Instead of wrapping the leftovers from your sandwich in plastic wrap, invest in some eco-friendly beeswax wraps.

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