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There’s just about nothing better than that feeling you get when you’re having a great day. You feel like luck is really on your side. And while for most of us this is an once in a blue moon sort of feeling, there are others who seem to be walking hand in hand with Lady Luck every day. They always land squarely on their feet, and fate smiles upon them.

It leaves us scratching our heads a bit. How do they manage it? Are they actually just plain lucky? How do we become like them?! It turns out, it’s not completely impossible. In fact, there are a number of proven ways with which you can create your own damn luck.

Though it may sound crazy, creating luck for yourself is actually totally doable. Putting yourself in the right situations, putting in a little hard work and taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves to you can all help you harness fate and bring luck on your side.

Always look out for luck. This is probably the most important tip we can give you to become a lucky duck. It may seem like it’s totally random, but in fact, luck is something you can pick out from a mile away if you keep your eyes peeled. Luck is often about knowing where to find opportunity. Be aware of your circumstances and surroundings, and you are well on your way to creating luck. If you listen to the positive voice in the back of your head and notice opportunities, you’ll make room for luck in your everyday life.

Embrace randomness. Although finding luck itself is not random, it’s essential that you don’t get stuck in a rut, avoiding new experiences and encounters. Instead, you must be curious and open to new things. Stepping a bit outside of your comfort zone in order to gain new perspective will allow more chance into your life.

Become a social butterfly. Alright, if you’re shy you don’t suddenly have to start giving toasts at weddings or volunteering solo for karaoke. But being comfortable (or uncomfortable!) talking to new people at parties or at the gym will help you broaden your social circle and expand your network. When you put yourself out there, you will connect more and more. And the more you connect, the more opportunities will fall into your lap.

Work work work work work. Once again, Rihanna had it right. Work is important! And not just for creating structure and supporting your lifestyle. Studies have shown that 82 percent of people that are considered lucky were also incredibly hard workers and were all willing to work hard to create the good luck they enjoy.

Don’t let failure get you down. Setbacks happen to everyone. There is not one person who is lucky all day every day. When things don’t go your way, don’t allow negativity to take hold. A positive outlook will breed positivity in your life, bringing luck right along with it.

Help a sister (or a brother!) out! Karma is real. Trust us. When you share positivity and prosperity, the universe will bring it back to you. Bonus points for the fact that giving to others also reminds us of how lucky we actually are.


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