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Marc’s Gym Bag Sneak Peek


Not too long ago, we had the pleasure of bringing on a wonderful new instructor, Marc. We don’t know about you, but we’ve been aching to know more. More about this neuropsychologist who is always overflowing with positive energy and always hoping to push his riders to their limits. We couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! So today, we’ve got a behind the scenes look for you, a sneak peek into what Marc has squirreled away in his gym bag.

Oooh, what a cool bag! It’s quite chic. What made you choose this particular bag?

Thank you! I also love it soooo much! Just came across it on a random online shopping store. I think the combination of semi-serious and playful birds spoke to me….and probably the fact that it was on sale.

Haha! That’s very Dutch of you to be drawn in by a sale! There’s not all that much tucked away inside. Are you a neat freak?

Well not really haha. When I don’t use it for carrying my workout gear, I use it for work stuff. So I regularly have to get everything out of my bag, to transform myself from serious neuropsychologist to sporty spice 😉. So I never get a chance to be a hoarder in my bag!

Sounds like a pretty good system. Maybe we need two careers too… Is there anything you normally have in there that we don’t see today?

This picture was taken at the end of the day, so what you missed is a banana, some sandwiches, some yoghurt with muesli and fruit and usually a couple of cookies. So yeah, a bag full of food makes a happy Marc!

You sound just like us! We do see that spoon after all. So you think keeping food on-hand for pre- or post-workout fueling is important?

Yes! As I mentioned earlier, I am quite passionate about eating 😊. Especially when I just shared a class with some amazing riders, laying everything out on the studio floor. Then I really need to refuel when I eventually come down from that typical Rocycle high. And when I say refuel, I mean eat like a caveman. But apart from that: big spoon or little spoon, who doesn’t want to have one! 😉

Love it! When our cravings strike, we’ll be looking in your bag from now on. Can you tell us about the body products you carry in your bag?

As you can see, I don’t carry a lot of beauty products in my bag. And as you can also see, I don’t like to smell like I just gave two classes in a onesie. Other than that, I usually carry some perfume and a hair product. I feel even better after teaching a class, when my hair is on point and I smell all Jean Paul Gaultier.

We can almost smell you now haha! We see a notebook! Is that for when inspiration strikes for class?

Yes exactly! It is a pretty hot mess in there because I use it for all kinds of inspiration: classes, song lyrics, random thoughts, to-dos, doodles. But you can also find random numbers from when I was counting how many pyramids I could cram into a song, muhahaha.

Scary….. And is that a card reader?

Yes it is! It supports my occasionally impulsive online shopping 😉. When you see a sale, you got to grab it by the balls and buy it already! Other than that, I don’t like to owe money to people, so this way, I can take care of my financial matters anytime I need to.

What should everyone carry in their gym bag?

Good question… Lately I really improved my gym game because of my new JBL in-ear headphones. I think every Ro’rider would agree with me when I say that some awesome beats can drive you to push yourself even harder! And if you find yourself having a hard time picking yourself up from your couch to join a ride, leave a note in your bag with a description of how amazing you felt the last time you came in!


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