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Netflix ‘n’ be inspired


Though we love to go out and be social as much as the next person, longer, darker days have us looking a bit more toward nesting and focusing on self-care. Don’t get us wrong, we still love a good old gezellig dinner party or a friend date at Rocycle, but sometimes, what you really need is a night in, in your cosiest cashmere joggers with a pot of tea (or a glass of wine, we won’t judge!).

When you have made the decision to book an evening all for yourself – or have taken one of our favourite tips for cancelling plans the right way – you are faced with two important choices: what to eat and what to watch. Whether you whip up a healthy and comforting vegan curry or click that ‘place order’ button on Deliveroo, you’ve got to have something great to watch, and, this autumn, we keep finding ourselves streaming uplifting, inspiring movies.

So we’ve rounded up a little list of movie inspiration to make help you eliminate the ever-dreaded search for what to watch, to make your night that much easier. Can’t choose? Why not watch two! After all, they’re all available on Netflix and sure to brighten your day and leave you feeling positive and motivated.

  1. #1. Forrest Gump may be an old standby, but it’s a classic for a reason. It tells the story of a man whose kindness and good-hearted nature help him see the world around him differently than others. He sees beauty in life despite challenges. Let Forrest inspire you to accomplish anything you want, so long as you are determined and have your heart in the right place.
  2. #2. Good Will Hunting is a truly remarkable movie that shows how even those who struggle to find their place in life can succeed beyond all expectations so long as they don’t give up. You’ve just gotta have a little faith!
  3. #3. The Green Mile is a beautiful and touching movie that follows the life of a man on death row who performs wonders from his prison cell. It shows that no matter how dire the circumstances, even the inescapable horrors of death row, can’t snuff out hope.
  4. #4. Rush follows two Formula 1 drivers throughout the 1976 season of the racing championship. Let it inspire you to persevere against all odds and fight for your dreams.
  5. #5. Schindler’s List explores the worth of a human life. It portrays the real-life story of a remarkable man who sacrifices his wealth to save 1500 Jewish people from concentration camps. He may have died poor, but he was willing to give up everything for the good of mankind.
  6. #6. Eat Pray Love is the movie version of a wonderful story that tells about the journey of a woman challenging her self-imposed limits and breaking free from her comfort zone. Follow along as Julia Robert’s character inspires you to discover who you truly are and revel in every moment of your beautiful life.
  7. #7. Coach Carter highlights the importance of education and shows that everyone, whatever their circumstances may be, has the right and the power to change their destiny if they apply themselves. Knowledge is power!
  8. #8. Braveheart sheds a little light on the idea that though we all eventually die, not all of us really live our lives. It tells the story of William Wallace defending Scotland against the English and will inspire you to stand up for what is right and defend whatever you believe in with all your heart.

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