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New Year, new plans


If we took a poll of all our Ro’riders, asking how many of you have made New Year’s resolutions, we’d guess we’d get at least 90% of you confirming you have. And then if we polled all the New Year’s resolvers about whether you’ve stuck to those resolutions, we’d bet a majority ditched their resolutions before year’s end. There’s no judgment here, as sticking to those promises is incredibly difficult.

But what if we resolved not to make resolutions? What if, instead, we decided to take on new things? To take a different route than we normally do? To push ourselves to try something we’ve never done before? That would be something pretty special.

So this year, instead of tackling crazy diets or giving up our favorite guilty pastimes, we’re gonna do things that are brand spanking new. We’ve got our checklist here to complete by December 31, 2019. Are you in? See you at the finish line!

  1. Learn to tango. That way, when the next New Year’s Eve rolls around, you’ll be able to blow everyone away on the dance floor. You’ll forget all about Gangam Style.
  2. Try an unusual restaurant. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to food, so why not take this year to spice things up?
  3. Take a cooking class. While we’re talking about shaking things up with our food, we might as well learn to whip something up ourselves. Book in with some friends to ensure your next dinner party is incredible.
  4. Pick up a new instrument. If you grew up playing the guitar but always dreamt of tickling the old ivories, there’s no better time than now. If you aren’t up for tackling a totally new instrument, refresh your old skills with a few lessons and you’ll be back to where you were in no time.
  5. Take the rockstar challenge. Rope in one of your fittest friends and go big, purchasing 50 Ro’rides. Vow to each other that you’ll never miss a week to tap it back and sweat it out in the studio.
  6. Start a book club. Some of us don’t miss our school days where we had to digest and discuss everything we read, but others yearn for the times when we got into heated discussions about Anna Karenina or tackled the symbolism of Animal Farm, discussing it with our classmates. If you fall into the latter camp, then organize a group of your nerdiest pals to start a book club. Some wine would not be unwelcome.
  7. Train for a race. Whether or not you’re a dedicated runner, there’s nothing more satisfying than crossing the finish line of a race, knowing all your training and hard work has paid off. Join in the Dam tot Damloop and glow with pride when you finish.
  8. Start composting. If you’re going to do things that will help you grow as a person, why not do things that also help the environment? Start composting (or recycling if you don’t do it already) and feel good about doing something new and something to save the planet.

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