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New Year’s Ro’solutions


New year, new you. After the past few months of parties and indulgences, January 1st sees many of us ready to start afresh, with new resolve to better ourselves. Goals are diverse and varied, from dropping a few kilos to establishing healthier sleep habits, but all have a common theme of helping us become better, happier versions of ourselves.


Even though we start off the year with the best of intentions, it can be difficult to stick to our resolutions as the months pass by. Schedules get busy. Summer comes with its own temptations. There are a million excuses not to stick to your plans. To help you combat the slide back into old bad habits, we’ve assembled a list of tips to ensure that your New Year’s Fitsolutions stick all the way through 2018 and into 2019!


  1. #1. Determine your ‘why.’

While it might seem simple, the most effective way to keep up motivation is to know the reason for your lifestyle changes to begin with. Do you want to fit into your jeans from high school? Do you want to give out positive energy so that you can receive it as well? Whatever the reason, write it down. This way, when you feel lost a few months down the line, you can reread your ‘why’ and get right back on track.

  1. #2. Practice mindfulness.

Taking a few moments a day for yourself helps to center you. When you practice mindfulness (this can be Vedic meditation, breathing exercises, anything!) you are able to evaluate your state of mind, take store of where your body is as well and fully commit to your goals.

  1. #3. Make a schedule and stick to it.

You manage to make it to work 5 days a week, right? Treat your fitness goals the same way. They are non-negotiable and just as important for your life and wellbeing. So take out that calendar, pick the days you’ll be exercising each week and stick to it! And don’t forget to book your bike on Mondays.

  1. #4. Check-in with yourself.

Just because you set a goal at the beginning of the year doesn’t mean it can’t evolve with you. If you said you’d smash those pyramids four times a week but that’s left you feeling drained after a couple months, reevaluate. There is no shame! Make sure that accomplishing the goals you set for yourself is actually making you healthier and happier.


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