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No Sunday Scaries here!


It’s an inevitable cycle. The week crawls along, and we finally hit Friday. Those of us with desk jobs anxiously watch the clock, waiting for it to hit that magic number that releases us into the wild. And, just as slowly as the work week dragged the weekend flies by. Before you know it, it’s Sunday, and we all know what that means. The Sunday Scaries.

On the very last day of the weekend, the day of rest, we are often struck by an unhealthy sense of dread and foreboding. We worry about the week ahead and are even filled with regret and frustration for not having taken advantage of our weekend as we thought we should have. All in all, it’s pretty terrible.

But life doesn’t have to be this way! There are lots of great ways to break this cycle and start seeing Sunday (and Monday!) as special days to be looked forward to as anxiously as Friday and Saturday. Here are our top tips for beating the Sunday Scaries.

Live for every day, not just the weekend. One of the best ways you can make Sunday Scaries a thing of the past is to find something you’re excited about every day of the week, rather than just Friday and Saturday. Work is necessary, but it should also be fulfilling. And, if it’s not, find something that brings you joy to do outside of work. Whether that’s a flower arranging class every Tuesday evening or your Thursday morning Ro’ride. You can also start small with vowing to treat yourself to your favourite lunch every Monday. That way, it becomes a day you look forward to as well.

Focus on the here and now. Though you may have a tough week ahead or made some less than ideal decisions over the weekend, try to be and stay present. Focus on the joys of Sunday and what you can do. Go to church, take the day to cook meals for the week. Make Sunday your focus.

Dial back on social media. Don’t get us wrong, we love to scroll through Instagram for fitspiration and photos of cute puppies as much as you do, but too much social media engagement, particularly around the weekend, can cause feelings of anxiety and sadness. Being too tuned in to what everyone else is doing – cool trips, amazing meals, crazy parties – can leave you feeling inadequate. Save your Twitter and Facebook indulgence for Monday when you need a reprieve from all the work on your desk.

Get up and get moving. It is wildly tempting to spend all day languishing in bed, dreading the week ahead. Trust us, we know! But it’s one of the worst thing you can do for Sunday Scaries. Instead, get up, wash your face and make your bed.  Once you’ve done that, it’s time to head to the park for a run or get your blood pumping with your favourite Rocycle instructor. Just think about that delicious, indulgent smoothie you can tuck into afterward.

Feel what you feel, then let it all out. So sometimes, none of our fabulous tips work, and you just feel…sh**ty. That’s life! Don’t stress about being stressed. Instead, give in and let it out. Scream. Jump around. Curse. Whatever releases that stress for you. You’ll probably feel better after a few F-bombs.



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