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Our 5 Favourite Healthyish Cocktails


When it’s hot outside, there is little better than melting into a comfortable chair, preferably near a big old fan, and taking that first, refreshing sip of an ice cold drink. Sure, we love water or a thick, rich smoothie, but sometimes you just need a little extra kick. Sometimes, you need a real drink.

Though we’d never tell you to turn your nose up at your favourite cocktails, unfortunately, most mixed drinks are not exactly the healthiest. Not only will the sky-high sugar content make it harder for you to shift the softness around your belly, but the amount of sugar in most drinks will actually make your hangover way, way worse. We bet you’re listening now.

You might think we’d suggest you ditch all cocktails in favour of green juices, but we would never do that. We’re fun too, after all! So, what if you could savour a bright, cooling, punchy cocktail without the guilt and the heavy head the next day? Well, we wouldn’t blame you for calling us your heroes.

So without further ado, here are our favourite healthyish cocktails.

  1. #1. Light and Stormy: You might be used to ordering a Dark and Stormy, a classic mix of fresh rum and ginger beer, but did you ever stop to think about all the artificial sweeteners jam-packed in that ginger beer? Instead, mix 2 shots of sugar-free ginger ale with one shot of light rum, and serve it over ice.
  2. #2. Bloody Healthy: Once you’ve had this new brunchtime favourite, you’ll be saying, “Mary who?” Most Bloody Marys are typically made with pre-made mixes, packed with salt and additives. To beat the bloat, ditch the pre-bottled stuff and try a low-sodium, no sugar-added tomato juice. Add a shot of vodka, a teaspoon of horseradish, a squeeze of lemon and a crunchy, green celery stalk, and you practically have a salad.
  3. #3. Mo-jito, Less Syrup: It’s hard to think of a more refreshing cocktail than a tart, juicy Mojito. And though we love them, they are usually loaded with simple syrup, which will cause a blood sugar spike and inevitable crash. Luckily, the simple syrup is easy to replace. Muddle a few slices of lime with fresh mint leaves and add rum, club soda and half a teaspoon of Manuka honey. You’ll get a tiny bit healthier with every sip.
  4. #4. Leaña Colada: Oh yes. We’re tackling one of the most caloric summer sips out there, the Piña Colada. Lashings of rum and rich, thick cream of coconut ensures that the traditional version also comes with a side of guilt. For a healthyish version, replace the cream of coconut with fresh coconut water and add 1 shot of rum and fresh pineapple juice. Bonus points if you use the CPJ’s The Astronaut’s Fuel. The colour will definitely have you channelling tropical vibes.
  5. #5. Slight Russian: So this feels a bit more like a cold weather drink, but as we all know, we still get a few chilly days here in Amsterdam in the summer. Usually, this creamy dessert drink is packed with calories, but you can still get that smooth, rich taste with better-for-you ingredients! Instead of heavy cream, combine chilled coffee with almond or cashew milk (homemade is better, so feel free to substitute the Iced Almond Latte from the CPJ). Add a shot of vodka and lots of ice, and you have a dreamy dessert cocktail that’s as dainty as you are.

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