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Your Healthy Gift Guide


Woah! It’s December already! Now how did that happen? At this point, you have about 11 months and innumerable Ro’rides under your belt. You’ve kept up that summer bod, and you’re ready to go into the holidays with gusto. Though while you’re armed with a perfect plan to keep fit over the festive season, you may have forgotten about one very important thing: presents!

Instead of rushing around on December 23, tossing socks and chocolate bars at frenzied cashiers, we have you covered. Check out our Ro’guide, complete with 11 healthy gifts for 11 healthy days of Christmas.

  1. #1. Soap opera

    You take care of your body with regular Ro’rides and a healthy diet, but what about your hair and skin? What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in This two-in-one hair and body wash is made from only premium, natural ingredients and will leave you with glowing skin and lustrous hair.  For other organic skin care products Skins is the place to be!

  2. #2. Plant life

    No, we don’t mean that green stuff. Though we won’t judge you if you do! Surrounding yourself by plants is proven to reduce stress and eliminate toxins in the air. Not sure your S.O. can keep even a cactus alive? Try a fresh flower delivery from one of the chicest shops in Amsterdam.

  3. #3. Bottle service

    You probably noticed that we’re no longer giving out free water, but it’s much better for the planet. We promise. Instead of shelling out for a plastic bottle every time your sister comes into the studio, give her a cool, reusable bottle that will make her the envy of the first row.

  4. #4. Let’s get sweaty

    The Athleisure Spray is a gift from the exercise gods. A few sprays before and after your workout prevents your clothes from getting smelly and stretching out. It also works its magic on yoga mats, hats, or any potentially stinky equipment. Feeling extra generous throw in the matching Athleisure Wash for keeping the strech in your ethletic wear.

  5. #5. Squeaky clean

    Does your mom always complain of post-holiday bloat? Give her the gift of a clean bill of digestive health with a 1, 3 or 5 day cleanse from the Cold Pressed Juicery.

  6. #6. In the mix

    Has your roommate resolved to cut back on pricey smoothies and save money in the New Year? Get her the perfect blender. Make your smoothies directly in your fitness bottle. We’re sure she’ll let you use it, too.

  7. #7. Spin doctors

    Hey, it’s just not possible to make a healthy gift guide without suggesting a gift card to Rocycle!

  8. #8. Roll with the punches

    Once your pal has started using that Rocycle gift card, he might be just a little bit sore. Gift him a groovy marbled foam roller to work out those kinks in his shoulders.

  9. #9. Give her a leg up on the competition

    With the temperatures dropping, it’s getting harder and harder to motivate ourselves. The soft sport collection might just give your girlfriend the push she needs to get out of the house and into the studio. Clean, timeless and sustainable.

  10. #10. Don’t forget the guys

    Dudes want to look just as good as the gals when they pull up to the studio. Give him the perfect workout outfit from Lululemon to make sure he’s stylish in and out of the studio.

  11. #11. Orange you glad we had one more? 

    If summer is the season for rosé, then winter should be for orange wine. This beautiful, apricot-coloured wine also happens to be natural and biodynamic. Now who can argue with that?


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