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Our Heatwave Hotlist


There’s no way around it. It is HOT. Though we’re slowly chugging along toward fall, we are clearly in the throes of the dog days of summer. Temperatures are sweltering. The sun is beating down. And you know what? We’re sweating!

While most of us aren’t lucky enough to have air conditioning at home, we’ve got a nice little hotlist of things to keep us cool during this heatwave. So, grab a glass of ice-cold water and settle in. It’s going to be a scorcher.

Short stories: When it’s this warm, there’s no way we’re working out in our usual leggings. That’s why we’ve filled up our carts with our favourite Rocycle x Onzie Biker Shorts.It’s time to let those legs breathe.

Our biggest fans: Well, actually, these might be our smallest. While we love a powerful Dyson fan as much as the next person, we’re actually partial to these tiny fans that plug into the bottom of our phones. That way, we can always take the breeze with us. Genius!

Did you know we refresh the air in our studios 15x per hour? That is the most fresh and healthy ventilation system you’ve ever hear off. Curious? Read more here.

Bottle rocket: When it’s this roasty toasty outside, we’re bound to sweat more than normal. The more you sweat, the more you need to rehydrate to keep things running smoothly. Ditch those lame old plastic water bottles from the Albert Heijn and reach for a fun, reusable Rocycle water bottle. Fill it up, take a sip and get ready to say “ahhhhh.”

Pillow fight: There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night because it’s just too damn hot to sleep. Luckily, you don’t have to check into a hotel to get the rest you’re after. Pick up a pillow specifically engineered to keep things crisp. It’ll be the only time you don’t want things heating up in the bedroom, if you know what we mean.

Sunny side up: Even if you’re not riding outside with us at Strandzuid or Peron E, you’re probably still cycling to the studio. And whenever you’re outside, you’re risking sun damage, particularly on days like these. Lather up with some great natural sunscreen to keep your skin safe and happy.

Roll with it: Another, ahem, less than pleasant phenomenon that tends to go hand in hand with sweat is…. body odour. So to keep things extra fresh, even when it’s hot as Hades, we like to treat ourselves to a chic, natural and deliciously scented deodorant like the roll-on from Aesop.

Mist opportunities: During a heatwave, we often feel like we’re melting. The only thing that can revive us – other than a quick dip into icy waters – is a spritz or two of refreshing face mist. Keep a bottle on hand for emergencies and thank us later.

Lean in: And if you just can’t avoid the sweat, why not really lean in? Book in for a Ro’ride and sweat it all out. At least you won’t be the only one glistening.


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