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Our Instructors on the 7 x 7 x 7 Challenge


Because they always serve as incredible inspiration for us, pushing us to finish that last set of pyramids or giving us style cues for the coolest workout gear, we talked to a few of them about what they think about the 7 x 7 x 7 Sprint to Spring and how they’d tackle it if they were in your saddle!

The 7 x 7 x 7 Challenge is pretty damn intense. Would you do it if you were a rider? How would you do it?

Daphne: I would be a little scared for it, but I’d go for it anyway. Always up for a challenge! I would plan the week, making sure I didn’t do other workouts that week, get all my food ready and get enough sleep, rewarding myself with a nice workout outfit after ☺. Treat yoself!

Dennis: I would do it because it would have been something I hadn’t done before as a rider. It would be a new accomplishment. I would definitely make a strategy haha. The first day, I would do two classes back-to-back (because then I’m at my best physically and mentally) The next day, I would do one, just to stay in the rhythm of it all but not drain myself just yet. The day after I would take a little rest because my body needs rest sometimes. Then I would do two classes in a row again. And then I only need to do two more classes in three days. I would see how my body feels when I’m doing them. I could do a day of rest and then do two in a row or just spread them over the last days. Always have some flexibility in planning because you never know what’s gonna happen or how you might feel.

Alicia: I am still very much a rider myself, as I still go to other instructors’ rides, so I would definitely take part in the 7 x 7 x 7! The trick that works for me is always breaking up the rides. So I might do a morning ride and an evening ride two days in a row, then take a day or two off for recovery and then repeat! I like to do active recovery on those days off like yoga or walking just to give my body something different to do.

Luuk: The most important thing is that you MUST feel that you are ready for this. Challenges like this only work if you want it yourself, and ONLY do it for yourself. So in that case: HELL YES. I would just live day by day (when it’s hard minute by minute). The more you cut big challenges into small pieces, the easier it gets.

Alex: If I was a rider, I would definitely take that challenge. What better way to shake off that winter mood and get ready for spring?! I would tackle it by going to rides at different times. Maybe now is the time to take that 6 A.M. ride or do that Ro’yal!

Neeltje: I love challenges, so I would if I could make room for it. Thinking about how to handle/overcome my barriers when I feel struggle or doubt coming up in the challenge and decidigin what my limit would be would help me tackle it. And then… action! I want, I can, I will.

What is the most number of classes you’ve taught in 7 days?

Dennis: I think when I started teaching, I sometimes did 12 classes in 7 days, so that would be the most I think.

Luuk: The most classes I’ve taught in 7 days is 15… maybe a challenge for next year? ☺

Alicia: We’ve only been open for a week in Utrecht, so the most classes I’ve taught in 7 days so far is 5! But during that time I’ve also done a community ride and practised for a few hours, so I guess you could say I’ve spent at least 10 hours in the saddle this past week!

Neeltje: 8 Classes.

Alex: I once did 6 classes in 24 hours, so you can handle those 7 rides in 7 days. No doubt in my mind!

Daphne: I had a week with 14 classes in the first months of being an instructor, which was super challenging. Afterwards, I had to take it slower for a bit. Recovery is so important so that you can be your best self again on that bike.

What is your absolute best advice for smashing a challenge like this one?

Alex: My best advice to smash that challenge: just 7 days out of those 365… what is stopping you?!

Alicia: After you’ve listened to your body (rest properly in between, fuel yourself right, etc), then my biggest piece of advice is to simply embrace and enjoy the challenge! Don’t overthink it too much or take it too seriously. Just get up and get in the studio! Once you’re there, everything else will click into place, and it will be impossible not to feel that endorphin high! Final tip: rope a mate in to do it with you, and you’ll have a ready-made accountability partner!

Daphne: It’s definitely a challenge for your body, but it may be an even greater challenge for your mind. Trust in your power. Surprise yourself with your own strength!

Luuk: Be ready, do it for yourself, live by the minute and… relax. You’ll be fine!

Neeltje: Action! (=reaction, so decide to DO it and stick to your intention). Work on the body and health (food), but maybe even more on your mind set and mindfulness. You need to understand you won’t “find” yourself during these challenges. But they are where you decide who you are by staying in control of that mind. Believe you can do it, and if you won’t make it to the finish line, then you are more experienced for the next challenge. ‘Falen is een feestje,’ so swallow doubt with love and replace it with action. I believe: failure is not the opposite of success; it is part of success. The only way to fail is by not doing anything.

Dennis: Don’t hold yourself back with thoughts about how you need to do it. If you start, you’ll see that you’re done before you know it. And most importantly, stay flexible. If you say you want to do two in one day and don’t feel like the second one after you’ve done one, just change your plan. Nobody is telling you how to do it. You just need to do it your own way.


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