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Our Lucky Rituals


Everyone’s got them. Those little things we do to make us feel like we have the best chance of succeeding. Some of us wear a certain pair of socks. Others of us say a little mantra each time before we take off on a plane. Whatever it is, we’re pretty sure that having a little lucky ritual makes things go more smoothly.

In the spirit of Ride & Get Lucky, we chatted with some of our instructors about their own lucky rituals. So maybe if we take a page out of their books, we just might have a shot at winning one of those incredible prizes.

Judith: If I want something to happen or I need some luck, I always will fire a light and take a moment to stand still and think about it.

Babette Huberts: Idon’t really have any lucky rituals, but I always drink a can of Diet Coke before a Rocycle class. Even at 7:00 AM! Besides that, I don’t have lucky rituals.

Babette Kales: I don’t really have any lucky rituals. When I have to do something challenging, I try to do breathing exercises (4 counts in, hold for 4, breathe out for 6) and think about affirmations that I keep in my notes for myself.

Arjun: I normally have a ritual of counting down from 5 to 1, and I don’t think I’ve backed out of anything since. When I used to play football, I’d always put on my right boot first, which gave me some sort of psychological boost, as I then had my ‘shooting boots’ on.

Donna: Nowadays I don’t really have lucky rituals, but when I was little, I had many ridiculous ones that were more like a little game to me. Most of them were in sports. I would get the lyrics of a certain song that played during the warm-up before a cycling race correct, and I thought I would have a high chance of winning. The silliest one of all though was when I played tennis (at the age of 7, so don’t judge): I told myself I always had to blink my eyes once before hitting a ball… This resulted in me missing most of the balls! So that one didn’t last very long.

Neeltje: When I was young, I learned to meditate at my (alternative philosophical) primary school. We did this between classes, before and after school and at meals. And I’m still doing it. I really believe it helps me in a lot of ways and helps keep everything (all energy) in balance. I would recommend it to everyone! No matter what you call it, standing still for a moment and breathing is very helpful and healing, especially when you are in this awesome world with so many impulses.


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