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Our Perfect Party Playlist


Whew! What a year this has been, right? We opened new studios, we welcomed new riders. In short, we did the damn thing. As you know, at Rocycle, we love a good party. There’s a reason everyone says that Rocycle is a party on a bike, after all.

With New Year’s Eve only a few days away, we got to thinking about the best way to send off this year and this decade. Because a party is nothing without some killer tunes, we dreamt up a perfect party playlist to head into 2020 in style. Our incredible home DJ ‘Milou’ has rounded up the greatest, grooviest tunes of 2019 for you here. 

So break out those headphones (or speakers if you really want to treat yourself) and get ready for your new favourite playlist. Cheers to the old year and the new year too!

Go to our Spotify playlist here!


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