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Party with Us Off the Bike at ADE


It’s that time of year again! No, no not Halloween. ADE, of course. This week, Amsterdam’s coolest festival hits the city. From Wednesday until Sunday, Amsterdam Dance Event will be bringing us five whole days of the best of the best of electronic dance music. Dedicated to bringing people together through music and dance, ADE is an event you truly cannot miss. 

As anyone who steps into our studios will notice, music is the heart and soul of Rocycle. After all, we love nothing better than riding to the beat, feeling the music and vibing with all of those other beautiful, sweaty bodies that surround us. So it’s no wonder we love ADE.

Want to know where to unite mind, body and music with your favourite instructors? We’ve got their favourite ADE parties below so you can get groovy with them, off the bike for a change.

Daphne: I’m going to Club AMF & Insomniac Music Group/Gorgon City, Chris Lake + More on the 17th. I chose this party because Chris Lake is playing, and I use his songs a lot during my rides!

Alex: This ADE I will be attending the 24 hour EXHALE with Amelie Lens. It’s also my 43rd birthday! So it’s going to be a long birthday party…

Tiela: Stef, Alex and I are going with Christina and some friends to ‘EXHALE with Amelie Lens’ 24 hour party. It’s going to be madness!! I chose it because Stef told me he had a ticket for me…sold.

Neeltje: It’s difficult for me to pick one, as I’m not really ‘planning’ to go somewhere specific. I always just catch up with friends if I find time.

Marc: On the Thursday during ADE I’m going to Tipi Tipi at Club NYX! Just a little party during the week to re-energise ☺.

Babette Kales: On the 17th of October, I have plans to go to ZeeZout. I always love the vibe and the crowd!

Judith: This edition of ADE, I will be going to see Chris Lake with Daphne and Alex. I love Chris Lake’s music (I often use them in my playlists), and I can’t wait to party with my lovely colleagues to his beats. Maybe we’ll see some riders there as well?! Also, it’s a little embarrassing to admit, but this will be the first time I’m partying at ADE.

Babette Huberts: I am going to one of the Audio Obscura parties in the A’dam Toren, Centraal Station or The Loft. I like the Audio Obscura parties because they have the perfect mix of the best DJs in house and techno. Plus, they’re always held in unique locations. 

Luuk: I’m doing my best to go to the Breakfast Club. It’s such a good party in the morning, and it includes breakfast!

Amina: I’m going to a bunch of events. I got the ADE sound Lab pass, so I can go to producing classes during the day and test new gear. A lot of my DJ friends are coming into town from NYC, so I’ll be going to their sets, though I haven’t picked out the exact events yet. My boy Agent Orange will be at Panama on Friday morning playing some techno, so I might hit that up since I’ve played shows there as well. It’s one of my favourite venues in town.

Still looking for inspiration? We are also going to hit up Audiomack Prsents: Soulection ADE w/lamddb & More, as well as Kompakt at Marktkantine. We can’t wait to see you shaking your booty around town!


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