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P(RIDE): theme rides


With August creeping up on us (and *gasp* the end of summer), there’s one fabulous thing we have to look forward to: PRIDE. Because we couldn’t let a year go past without celebrating what we think just might be the best week of the year, we are bringing you some killer themed Pride Rides. That way, when you step into the studio, you’ll know that love is love is love.

Already excited about riding with pride? We don’t blame you! Here’s when you can celebrate with us.

Joey X Pulitzer

July 30, 8PM, City


August 3rd, 10AM, City


August 2nd, 8AM, De Pijp & July 30, 5PM, Zuidas

Rolf at Utrecht

August 3rd, 10AM, City Utrecht

To get you in the spirit, we chatted with Joey, Rolf and Luuk to learn about Pride and what it means to them.

What makes you feel proud?

Rolf: I feel proud when I look around me and see how lucky I am to have my health, my boyfriend, family, friends and work! The dearest people around me that are there to give their help, honest opinion and support. And I’m proud of the work I’m doing, how it gives me happiness, energy and motivation. And how I have grown and accomplished what I have all by myself. Although I have to say honestly that I sometimes catch myself speeding through life and that I should stand still more often and cherish that proud feeling more.

Joey: To believe in my own strength and my own differences strengthens me every day to pursue all my challenges!

Luuk: Seeing Ro’riders coming to class over and over again. It makes me proud to see them fight, have fun and achieve their dreams.

How do you show your pride?

Joey: I make sure I that I accept myself fully but also accept everyone else no matter who they are or what they stand for! Pride is standing up for diversity!

Luuk: By never being afraid of the judgment of others and by trying not to judge others myself.

Rolf: Although I like to dress up for (themed) parties, I’m not a person that shows off lol. So when people see me energised and happy, I think that shows my pride and will be contagious.

How can you encourage others to be proud?

Luuk: Just take a moment every day to stand still in what you’ve already achieved. Do you need more? You are golden the way you are, badass!

Rolf: I think if you radiate it yourself, that will encourage others as well. What’s important and what I believe in is that the best version of yourself is the version where you’re true to yourself, can be yourself and most of all believe in yourself! No matter what other people think or tell you.

Joey: I would encourage others to surround themselves with every kind of person. We can only start sharing Pride when we have accepted all walks of life.

What does Pride mean to you?

Rolf: To me, Pride means celebrating life and love, being who you want to be, avoiding judgment and respecting each other for who we are! Gay Pride is the day to unite all together, celebrate and cherish all of this!

Joey: Accepting the different!

Luuk: Pride means that we have to remind each other that the fight for equal rights is NEVER over, even though we live in such an open-minded country. And most of all, I would love to celebrate the freedom of who we are in class, at a festival and on the streets. See you there!

And we had a chat with our LGBTQ riders & instructors, watch the video here.


Ro’heroes: Catherine.


Kindness is cool.


Ro’heroes: Cecilia