Fridge lookbook: Donna – Rocycle
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Fridge lookbook: Donna


Ever wondered how our instructors stay so fit and healthy? Did you ever think that maybe if you ate like them (and maybe trained too!) that you would have just as killer abs? We know we do all the time. Finally, you have the chance to be a fly on the wall. Or, a fly in the fridge, rather. Each of our instructors has shared a snap of their refrigerators, full of everything from fresh lemons to an army of tonic bottles.

Let’s take a little peek into Donna’s refrigerator to see what sorts of goodies she has inside.

We spy lots of organic labels here. Can you tell us about the importance of eating organic for you?

Navigating through the maze of organic food labels, its benefits for the environment and people’s mental and physical health can be quite confusing to be honest, but I just feel like those 50 cents extra that you pay for products that are produced in a better and fairer way are worth it. Why not! It’s not that I only buy organic food though; it might have been a little coincidence that my fridge looked very organic this time haha. I don’t really think about it much. I just mix it up!

It’s all about balance. Speaking of which, green juice, fresh ginger, whole lemon! Are you into juicing? What’s your favourite juice to make?

I just love fresh ginger, lemon and mint tea. It’s the best when you mix them all together. Some days, I’m into making smoothies. I love to mix almond milk, blueberry, oats, cinnamon, a little bit of cacao and a banana in a smoothie!

Sounds like a great pre-ride snack. Other than a bit of dairy here and there, we don’t spy many animal products. Are you a vegetarian?

Most days of the week, I do avoid eating animal products (apart from dairy) and eat like a vegetarian, but when I go out for dinner or when friends cook for me, I eat everything! You also need to know about chocolate barsand cookies. I don’t keep them in the fridge, but they are de-fi-nite-ly part of what I eat! (On a daily basis…)

Hey, we’re not judging! You’ve gotta have something sweet here and there. So you’re not a vegetarian, but how would you describe your diet?

Quite healthy, but also quite random. I am not the most structured person anyway. I don’t live like that, and you can see this in my diet as well! During the week, I do try to eat as healthfully as I can to compensate for the weekends in which I go out a lot!

We like the sounds of that And, finally, what would you make us if we were coming to your house for a meal right now?

A nice veggie (onion, champignons, spinach) omelette with feta cheese on top!


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