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Relax, take it easy!


Stop. Breathe. Take a load off. As important as pushing ourselves to the limits Saturday mornings at Ro’asted is, taking the time to unwind and decompress is almost more essential. Without proper rest and recovery (for your body and your brain!), you become easily worn out and run down. You are more likely to get injured, burn out or give up on your goals. And none of that sounds very appealing, does it?

While you may think that our team here at Rocycle is always go go go, we are actually a squad of professional chillers. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out where our instructors go to lower their stress and centre themselves. You just might find your new go-to spot – though we’re not sure Leonie or Babette will want you ringing their doorbells to chill!

Babette – My favourite place to relax and unwind is probably home! I have my own little apartment around the corner from Rocycle, and it’s my favourite spot in Amsterdam. I love being around people and enjoy the energy of places like Rocycle, but I am sensitive to moods and vibes and sometimes a little alone time at home (watching Netflix and ordering Indian food, YUM) can really help to relax and restore my energy.

Jeff – My favourite place to unwind is Spa Zuiver!

Rowen – My fave place to unwind is the spa in the W hotel! And for massages, I like Dr. Feelgood, the best in town!

Herns – To relax and unwind, hands down, no questions, it’s Zoku. It’s your home away from home. It’s a 4-star hotel, but they have a top lounge area where people make it their workspace. This setup is on the top floor of the building, so imagine the view over Amsterdam – you see EVERYTHING. Seats outside and inside, from couches to booths with long tables to hanging seats. The vibe is super calm and the coffee excellent! Super friendly staff, and you can eat there as well! I need you to experience it!

Leonie – Mine is at home, reading a book or at Noorderlicht (Amsterdam Noord) listening to live jazz music, sitting outside at the waterside or inside on the cosy couch in the back corner!

Isabella – My favourite spot to unwind is not actually a specific place, but during these winter months, on cold days with clear skies, I often go to the beach and take long strolls through the dunes.

Now how about you guys? Tell us where you like to rest and catch your breath. We promise we won’t steal it…unless it’s really good!


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