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Reviving your workout routine


Woah! Did you notice it’s September? We don’t know about you, but we’d like to put in a request for a few more months of summer. Days at the beach, festival season and afternoon biertjes with friends (and don’t forget about all that spaghetti alle vongole you slurped in Portofino). Summer really is magic.

But with all the jet-setting and sun-seeking, you may have forgotten about something very important- your exercise routine. And whilst you may not be looking to sculpt your summer body anymore, it’s important to get back into the swing of things.

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Well, we’ve got you covered. Check out our five favourite tips for getting back on the bike.

  1. You have to walk before you can run.

Think baby steps. You may have been out for a while and it may seem intimidating. We get it! But it’s important to set achievable goals. Don’t go for a Ro’asted on your first week back. Start with a nice Saturday afternoon Ro’ride.

  1. Write it down.

Your meeting ran late! You had to grab your courgetti from the Albert Heijn! There are a million excuses, but if you write it down in your diary (and book ahead of time), you are much more likely to get your a** to class.

  1. Bring a buddy.

When you’re held accountable, you’ll be too embarrassed not to go. It also adds a social element, which makes it even more fun to smash those pyramids.

  1. Prepare your gym bag.

With the recent memory of luxurious morning lie-ins still on the brain, it can seem like an impossible task to make it to those 7:00 am classes. If you pack your gym bag the night before, you can sneak in a few extra minutes of shut-eye before heading to the Nieuwe Passeedersstraat.

  1. Reward yourself.

Even though it’s a party on a bike, we know it’s hard! The promise of a tiny treat after class – think a Banoffee Parfait or a Matcha Boost Ball from The Cold Pressed Juicery – will motivate you to book that bike and turn up the resistance just a little more.


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