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You may have noticed that community is pretty important to us. We want to foster a sense of belonging and create a space that feels like home for everyone around us. And one of the things that we think are imperative to build a strong, healthy community is to give back. We ride together, we stay together.

There are so many fantastic causes out there. We couldn’t even begin to cover them all. But there is one cause that we hold very dear to our hearts, Emma Children’s Hospital. The Emma Children’s Hospital is a fantastic organisation that is dedicated to ensuring that not a single kid loses a day of their childhood. 

Part of the Academic Medical Center by the University of Amsterdam, Emma Children’s Hospital is one of the largest paediatric medical centres in the Netherlands. They treat about 4,800 children between birth and the age of 18 each year. We think that’s pretty impressive! And definitely a cause worth supporting.

That’s why, once again, we are riding for Emma. On July 9th, we are celebrating our favourite day of the year, our charity day. €5 from every rider will be donated to the Emma Children’s Hospital. All you need to do is book your ride as usual, and then we will take care of the rest. Pretty damn simple, don’t you think? You can book your rides for the charity day Monday July 8th 12pm when we release the new schedule of the week.

So, who’s with us?! We hope you join us, as we all ride for Emma. Follow us on Instagram this week to find out all about our charity day.

Not able to join the ride at the 9th of July, but still want to participate and donate? That’s also possible! Click the link below



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