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Rider spotlight: Anneloes


At Rocycle we’re all about Mind Body Music, but just as important is the fact that we’re a family. So, to make sure each class is not just a party but a reunion, we’d like to introduce some of our Ro’Regulars. The lovely Groningen transplant Anneloes Keizer was kind enough to sit down with us to dish about kicking her boyfriend’s ass in class, her favourite vegan cheese platter and what Rocycle means to her.

Hi Anneloes! We’re thrilled to get to Ro’ you a bit better and share your story. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Yes, of course! I am Anneloes Keizer, twenty-eight years old and happily living in Amsterdam for almost 6 years now. I live in the Eastern Docks in Amsterdam with my boyfriend.  I work for Randstad as an HR consultant and freelance as a makeup artist. Perfect combination of an office job and a little creativity!

Sounds like an ideal combination to us. We love hearing how people came into our family; how did you come to Rocycle?
Makeup! Sofie (the branding creative at Rocycle) asked me if I could make the instructors even more beautiful for a shoot for the website, and I did! After hearing about Rocycle and its health benefits and meeting the instructors (who have so much positive energy), I decided to give it a go. And now, 5 months later, I’m a huge fan! You can find me on the bike at least three times a week.

Amazing! So you’re part of the team as well as the family. Speaking of family, how do your friends and family fit into your Rocycle story?
I often ride with my friends, and I challenged my boyfriend to get on the bike with me this month, and he accepted (so you understand I am already dying to kick his ass in class).

Oh boy we can’t wait to see how that turns out. How do you fuel yourself on a ride day?
I have been a vegetarian for two years now, and now I am also almost a vegan (90%), so I eat a lot of veggies during the day. Before a ride, I drink Fit Green Protein shake from Orangefit.

Now we know your favourite food, but do you have a favourite instructor?
There is no way I can answer this question. I met them during the shoots, and I must say the vibe of the group is one of a kind. They are incredible people! But ok, if I really have to choose I would say: Rowen (such an inspiration!), Babette (oh hiiii queen B!), Joey (his energy!), Jeff (pretty boy!) and newbies Luuk, Tiela & Dennis.

We don’t think we could pick either. So music is important to us, but do you think it is a strong motivator in your workouts?
Other than the instructor, it is the most important motivator. I personally love Beyonce, so the classes (Beyonce ft. Jay-Z) that Babette teaches are a real party for me! Even though I’m not a huge fan of techno, Rowen always gets me in the mood.

We know you like protein shakes, but do you have a favourite healthy hotspot in Amsterdam?
For the vegans out there: Mr. & Mrs. Watson (please try the vegan cheeseplatter; it’s so good) and Morris & Bella. And a not-so-healthy but really-good-for-hangovers place: Vegan Junkfood Bar.

Vegan junk food?! We’re listening! And how about hotspots to unwind?
I love going to the beach. My favourite spot is Club Zand at Castricum Beach.

Oooh! You might see us there! Ok, last question. What does Rocycle mean to you?
Besides being a really effective workout, it means 45 minutes of positive time for myself. Releasing all negative thoughts and just being happy about your own body.

Thanks for chatting with us. See you on the bike! 



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