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Rider spotlight: Sammi


At Rocycle we’re all about Mind Body Music, but, just as important is the fact that we’re a family. So, to make sure each class is not just a party but a reunion, we’d like to introduce some of our Ro’Regulars. If you’ve been into the studio even a few times, there is no doubt that you’ve spotted the girl with the most infectious energy around, our very own Samira Ibrahim. Curious about how this firecracker joined our team at Rocycle? Wondering which juice from TCPJ she likes to grab after class? Well, keep reading to find out.

Hi Sammi! We are so happy to finally get to have a chat with you and introduce you to everyone in the studio. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Samira, I’m 16 years old and was born and raised in Amsterdam. I’ve always had a passion for sports. It all started with me being a professional track athlete since I was eight years old. When I was a little older, i also fell in love with kickboxing, and that’s when I kind of knew that I wanted to do something with sports. Currenetly I’m still in high school, but I’m actually starting a sports and movement course in two weeks, and I’m super excited!

That sounds really cool! We can’t wait to hear all about it. We’d also love to hear more about how you came to Rocycle. Can you give us the lowdown?

When I was fourteen years old, I was looking for a fun side job, so I started working at The Cold Pressed Juicery. And that’s how I got introduced to Rocycle. Not long after I started working at TCPJ, I took my first class, and I was hooked! About six months later I was so obsessed with the classes (I even started doing two or three classes in a row) and the nice people. That’s when I thought, ‘I would actually love to work there.’ That’s when I started working at Rocycle, and I love it!

It seems like fate to us! You’re obviously a dedicated Ro’rider, but what about your friends and family?

Honestly, they don’t really know about it. They are not really into fitness haha!

We’re sure they’ll join you in good time. You have a true athletic soul; do you do any other classes like yoga or HIIT to complement Rocycle?

Yes! I do a lot of kickboxing, HIIT and running.

You’re a true jack of all trades. We’re impressed. We love seeing you up on the podium with Rowen. You have SO much energy! Would you ever consider becoming an instructor?

Yes, I would absolutely LOVE to become an instructor one day!

We’re counting down the days. We think we know the answer already, but do you have a favourite instructor?

Rowen. Because of her positivity, workout intensity, love and choice of music!

You are in good company there. Do you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl?

I’m a very early bird. Ever since I was fourteen years old, I’ve been getting up at 5:00 A.M. It just allows me to get so much more done in my day. And I love the silence in the early morings.

There is definitely something peaceful about being up while the whole city sleeps. You probably know the whole TCPJ menu inside and out. Do you have a favourite?

My favourite is The Glow.

Speaking of healthy hotspots, do you have a favourite haunt in Amsterdam?

I recently found this place called Bakers and Roasters. They have the most delicious egg dishes, juices and coffee. I LOVE that place!

And it’s not too far from our studio in De Pijp. Win-win! Alright we have one last question for you: what does Rocycle mean to you?

Rocycle is a place where I physically push my body further than I think I can, which makes me feel strong and confident!


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