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At Rocycle, we’ve always believed in the importance of throwing kindness around like confetti. As the world becomes a crazier and crazier place, we think it’s now more essential than ever to support our community far and wide. If we can’t lift each other up and spread a little joy and love, then what good is having such a vibrant, strong community?

Even before the spread of the Coronavirus and subsequent lockdown, many elderly people in nursing homes across the country were plagued by loneliness and a sense of isolation. Because we believe that no one should feel alone, we decided to reach out to them and show them just how much their community cares about them. We have been collecting video stories, poems and songs to share with the elderly at nursing homes across the Netherlands. We want these tokens of care and affection to be a little distraction from loneliness or boredom. It’s wonderful for them to hear a new, friendly voice or listen to something relaxing.

As we have been building our collection of recordings, we noticed that we were in need of more recordings in more languages. Collecting recordings in myriad languages ensures we can share the love with anyone who might need a pick-me-up.

People often say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we are also delivering handmade cards to help brighten days. We’ve let our creativity shine (and encourage all of you to do the same!), going all out with a drawing or simply writing a little note with a friendly message. Though these are small gestures, we believe they can make a world of difference to someone’s day. Want to get involved? Create your own card and drop them at the Front Desk at any of our studios. We’ll make sure they get where they’re going!

And while we love this initiative, we are always open to fantastic new ideas and wonderful organisations that create positive change in the community. So, if you have any ideas, we are all ears. Just shoot us an email at We’ll be taking up new causes throughout the year to give back to the community that has given us so much.

Let’s give back – together!


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