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Ro’Heroes: Matilda


Once December hits, it’s usually full-on holiday madness. Anyone and everyone is obsessed with finding the perfect gift to give. But what about those of us who are focused on giving back to the world and the community, rather than giving gifts? This year, we want to focus on giving back as well as giving to each other. So, in addition to bringing you our annual gift guide, we’re also profiling our amazing Ro’Heroes who are giving back this month.

We’ve got tons of charity rides coming up to support causes that mean a lot to us, and we’d like to highlight the badass, charitable Ro’heroes who are making them happen. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to Matilda Parmentier, one of our amazing Ro’heroes this month who is supporting our country’s children.

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Hi Matilda! Happy December! We love Charity Ride month, as it really brings us all together. Could you introduce yourself?

Hey, my name is Matilda, and I’m 36 years young. I live with my partner and my dog. I love to travel, see the world and learn about new countries through the locals. I enjoy sports a lot, and I like to try different things. I found out about spinning years back when I lived in Sydney, and I was very happy to hear that Utrecht finally had a spinning studio.

We can imagine! We were pretty excited too. Now, would you be able to give us some background about the charity you’re supporting and what it does?

About 30,000 children in the Netherlands are unable to have the same life as their friends. These kids even have issues carrying over into their adult lives. The National Children Foundation helps these kids with simple things like a day out, swimming lessons, a new winter coat, a book, a bike or an education. The kids who cannot afford these things still deserve a nice future, without worries.

That’s very true, and it’s so important to provide support where we can. Why is this charity important to you? Why are you choosing to ride for it?

I chose this charity because I think it’s important that we take care of our own people first before we tell other countries how to treat theirs. Children are the future, and they deserve to live a life without worries and with a bit of fun. Worrying is a job for adults, not kids.

Absolutely. So apart from your Charity Ro’ride, are you doing anything else to raise money?

I donate every now and then. I usually leave the organising to others.

Then it’s even cooler that you’ve taken the initiative to put this ride together. Do you have any other causes that speak to you?

I have a very soft sport for animals. As they cannot speak up for themselves, I find it very important to support initiatives that are able to protect them.

And that’s actually kind of how it is with children. We must act as their voice. You are clearly very civically minded. How would you recommend others find a cause they’re passionate about and get involved?

Every now and then, I think it’s important to think about how blessed you are with what you have and realise that not everyone has the same opportunities. We live in a capitalistic society where we often focus on the newest materialistic things. Some people in this country don’t even have the opportunity to ride a bike or read a book. We should all be humble from time to time and give back to those in our community.

That’s wonderful advice, and that’s why we are so thrilled we have all of these charity rides on the books! They really make people thing. Alright, we’ve got one more question: what does giving back mean to you?

For me, giving back means helping to create a better life for others so that they can worry a little less.

Feeling inspired to give back? Book your bike in Utrecht for Matilda’s ride on Saturday December 14.


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