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Ro’team spotlight: Alyssa


At Rocycle we’re all about Mind Body Music, but, just as important is the fact that we’re a family. So, to make sure each class is not just a party but a reunion, we’d like to introduce our studio team so you can discuss your mutual love of Ginger Shots and pyramids at the front desk. We were curious about how our City Centre Studio Manager Alyssa Harney found her way to Amsterdam and what Rocycle means to her. You, too? Well, luckily, we’ve got her answers here.

Hi Alyssa! Lovely of you to sit down with us. Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Alyssa, and I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I lived in the Pacific Northwest my whole life, until I moved to Amsterdam in April 2016. My fiancée was transferred here for work. We were both excited about the opportunity to live and work abroad, so we went for it.

So you were at least familiar with the weather before you moved. And what brought you to Rocycle?

My passion for sports and fitness. The first time I walked into the studio, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

It’s a wonderful community. We know you’ve made the transition from instructor to studio manager. Can you tell us a little bit about your typical day?

Every day is unique from staffing to planning theme rides to community building. I’m part of the studio team, so you will find me at the front desk checking in clients, counting stock and maintaining our studio. I do it all!

A real jack of all trades! And will we have the pleasure of seeing you back up on the instructor bike at some point?

Perhaps 😉 For now, you will find me inside the studio as a Ro’rider, joining you and all of our new instructors at least once a week.

Keeping the instructors in line – we like it. We know that Rocycle is a killer workout, with all those pyramids and tap-backs, but what do you do to stay fit?

Outside of Rocycle, I am a runner. I love to take my dog through the Vondelpark or Westerpark. It’s the perfect combination.

And how about nutrition? Do you think it’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle?

Yes, morning rides always require a strong breakfast, usually an avocado, egg and toast! For the evenings, chicken, vegetables and couscous are a favourite of mine. Although, I’m not healthy all the time – I have an obsession with Tony’s Chocolonely.

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. And, finally, what does Rocycle mean to you?

Rocycle sums up my fresh start and community in a new country. Our team and clients feel like one big family. It’s such a unique feeling and culture to be a part of!




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