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Seven Studio Sins


You probably heard about our 7 x 7 x 7 Challenge, which means you probably are about to spend a hell of a lot more time in the studio than you normally do. In anticipation of each of our five studios being flooded with more badass riders than ever, we thought it was the opportune moment to discuss something that’s been on our minds: the seven deadly studio sins.

If you’ve ever been at Rocycle and found yourself incredulously thinking ‘Is he really doing that?!’ or ‘Can you believe she just..?!’, you know what we mean. While there are so many things we encourage at Rocycle – giving it your all and throwing kindness around like confetti – there are a few things we all think should be totally cancelled.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the seven deadly studio sins.

  1. #1. Taking the easy way out and grabbing weights you know are too light for you. You know who you are! Sure, you may be feeling lazy, but remember why you came! If you put in the work, you’ll see the results.

  1. #2. Hitting snooze too many times and bailing on your Ro’ride buddy. Nobody likes to be stood up, whether it’s a date or an early morning workout.

  1. #3. Not high-fiving your neighbour after a killer set of sprints. Remember, you should be throwing that kindness around like confetti, after all. 

  1. #4. Accidentally leaving with the bike towels. We always wonder where those bad boys are going…

  1. #5. Running out of the studio before the cooldown when you know you don’t actually have somewhere to be. Cheeeeeky! We know you must be totally dead after how insane the rides are, but we promise you’ll feel way better if you stay for the stretching if you can. Plus, it’s only a few minutes.

  1. #6. “Forgetting” to turn the wheel when the instructor tells you to amp it up. We see you back there in the third row. It may feel impossible, but we absolutely believe in you. You’re way stronger than you think.

  1. #7. Not getting fired up every time you enter the studio and every time you walk back out through that door. No matter what happens in there, you are riding for yourself. Riding to become the best version of you and to find what moves you. Don’t resist; just let it happen! Ignite that fire!



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