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Sharon’s Gym Bag Sneak Peek


Not too long ago, we had the pleasure of bringing on a wonderful new instructor, Sharon. We don’t know about you, but we’ve been aching to know more. More about this incredible dancer who loves combining exercise with her passion for moving to the beat. We couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! So today, we’ve got a behind the scenes look for you, a sneak peek into what Sharon has squirreled away in her gym bag.

Hi Sharon! We absolutely love your bag. It’s very stylish. What was the reason you chose it?

I carry this one around everywhere! It’s big and very useful! I bought this one five years ago when I was traveling in Vietnam, and it’s still doing its job!

So cool! It’s great that it has held up all these years. Talk about sustainable fashion! We notice there’s not much tucked away inside. Are you a neat freak?

Haha I think so! Although there are always a lot of hairbands in the bottom…

You never know when you’ll need to get your sweat on at a moment’s notice, so that’s totally understandable. Can you tell us about the beauty products in your bag?

The deodorant is really important when you’re working out all the time . And I loveeee the Rituals Body Mist. I spray it on my clothes, my bed, etc. It makes me feel good.

Sounds pretty dreamy. We think we’ll have to check out a bottle of it. We also spy a pair of spinning shoes. When did you start bringing your own to the studio?

I had these shoes before I even started Rocycle. I used to do a lot of spinning classes or go out for rides in beautiful nature where my parents live.

Amazing! We obviously love riding in the studio, but sometimes nothing compares to a bit of fresh air. Does your bag tend to change seasonally?

It doesn’t really change, I guess. These are the basics that I need.

And how about snacks? Do you ever keep any at-hand for pre- or post-workout fuelling?

Not really… I don’t like to eat before my morning classes, but then I’ll have a nice breakfast when I get home. When I’m doing classes during the day or in the evening and need some energy, I just take a banana. Nice and easy!

Fair enough. That makes sense to us. Alright, final question: what should everyone keep in their gym bags at all times?

A water bottle you can refill so that you don’t have to buy a plastic one! Better for your wallet, better for the planet!


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