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Spring Clean Your Energy


Whenever the weather starts to turn, the birds return to their early morning perches, ready to greet you on your way to work, we all get a little itch. A little itch to spring clean, that is. There’s something about the promise of longer days and warmer weather that makes us want to Marie Kondo everything in our path, leaving a sparklingly clean, perfectly organized trail in our wake.

And while we are always in support of a little elbow grease to make your home brighter and happier, this year, we’re focusing on spring cleaning ourselves, polishing our energy to get rid of unnecessary negativity. Negative energy is all too common and can arrive in the guise of many feelings: helplessness, jealousy, exhaustion, overwhelm and anger.

Though these feelings are perfectly natural every now and again, it’s unhealthy to let them permeate your life for good, burrowing their way in so deeply that you carry them with you for long periods of time. Luckily there are a number of ways to shake off negative energy and spring clean your soul so you’re ready to take on the rest of the year glowing with your aura of positivity.

  1. #1. Embrace the negativity with compassion. Wait, didn’t we just tell you we were going to teach you how to shed negative energy? Indeed we did. But the first step to getting rid of it is acknowledging it and addressing it with compassion. You are not alone, and these feelings are not unusual. It’s all going to be ok!

  1. #2. Become an emotional alchemist. Though we truly wish we could transform ratty old metal into gold, being able to shift negative energy into love and positivity is probably even more useful. Try to view whatever is causing your negative energy in a positive light. Find the silver lining. That way your negative experiences will lift you up and give you strength instead of bringing you down.

  1. #3. Check in and check yourself out. You don’t need to carve out large parts of your day for introspection. Even a few minutes can be incredibly beneficial for checking in with yourself and seeing where you are emotionally. Take a moment, pause and feel connected to the world around you. 

  1. #4. Flood your surroundings with positive external energy. To get your mind in the right place, it’s important to clear your energy field and give your environment an energetic reboot. Throw open your windows, burn some palo santo or sage and thank all energy, good and bad, for showing up for you that day.

  1. #5. Take the plunge. The plunge into a bath filled with gorgeous essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus and some Himalayan pink salt. This will calm your body, as well as your spirit and mind. When you finish your bath, imagine that the drain is taking all of your negative energy down with the water, removing it from your life.

  1. #6. Charmed, I’m sure. It may sound a bit new-agey, but crystals are incredibly powerful tools for bringing the energy you want into your lives and directing the negative energy away. Pick up a small smoky quartz or black tourmaline and carry it with you when you feel overwhelmed by negative energy. Both will absorb the bad energy and help to stabilise your centre.

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