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Squad Care Over Self-Care


You’re stressed. You’re tired. You know what everyone is going to suggest. “How about a little self-care?” they ask. While we all know the benefits of pimping out our bubble bath, taking time for a quiet walk or trotting down to the salon for a pedicure, there may exist something even more effective.

Squad-care. While it may only have about 300 hashtagged posts on Instagram versus #selfcare’s nearly 3 million, there is something to the idea that caring for one another – and not just ourselves – can have powerful effects on the mind and body. Think about it. No matter how many face masks you do, no matter how many vegan curries you whip up, when you’re sad, what really makes you feel better? Being with your squad. Same goes for when you’re happy, right? It only makes good times better to share them with those who matter most to you.

Biologically, humans are social creatures. We naturally gravitate toward one another, building communities big and small. Communities just like this one here.

So, next time you want to treat yourself, what should you do? Grab a couple buddies, book your bikes and head to Rocycle. Because at Rocycle, we’re one big squad who rides to the beat, together.


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