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Stress-Relieving Intentions to Set This September


If we were to take a quick survey of all our friends and fellow Ro’riders, we’d bet that just about all of them are finally getting back to the grind. That is, if they weren’t busy chugging away throughout the summer. Back-to-school or back-to-work season is in full swing with September here, so it’s not surprising that we all might be starting to feel stress building.

And while this is totally natural, we feel like we can transform Stressy September into Self-Care September. Rather than letting all that frenetic energy get the best of us, we are going to take things into our own hands to make this a month to focus on ourselves. After all, who is more important?!

One way that we really like to turn inwards and care for ourselves is to set intentions. In all the chaos and intensity that comes with the new season, these intentions are some of the best ways to anchor us and take store of where we are and how we’re feeling. We like to look at them as important grounding tools to keep us on track and in the right state of mind.

Of course you are free to set intentions how and when you please. They should lift you up and bring you positive energy, not cause you dread or anxiety. But having a bit of guidance in choosing intentions can lift some of the stress and confusion around setting them. And it’s always great to write them down somewhere you can see them as a friendly reminder to care for and love yourself throughout September.

Here are a few of our favourite intentions that we are setting this month.

#1. I am going to slow down.

Summer was crazy, right? But with the seasons changing, it is healthy to take things a bit slower so that you can find things and moments that truly nourish your soul.

#2. I come first sometimes.

Or always! So many of us spend tons of time and energy focusing on making others happy, but it’s just as essential to take care of ourselves. Make the time in your schedule for some ‘me time’, whether it be a bath a few evenings a week or a morning stroll around the block, sans phone, before you get ready for the day.

#3. I will tune in.

With so much external stimulation all the time, it’s no wonder we lose track of what’s important to us. Ensure you take a step back and listen to what’s going on inside.

#4. I will pursue flexibility.

And not just in yoga class. Not everything goes right all the time (or even most of the time, if we’re honest), so it’s important to avoid getting hung up on rigidity. Because when we are inflexible, we end up more stressed than if we let things go more easily. Use roadblocks as an opportunity to grow your creativity and stretch your mind.

#5. I will do all things with joy and love.

Even if it doesn’t feel like the most exciting thing in the world, even if you don’t want it in that moment, make sure to do all things with a sense of love and positivity. As much as you can, anyway. To do this better, we suggest investigating why you’re doing the things you’re doing and cutting out those things that do not bring you joy. Go on and Marie Kondo that life of yours!


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