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Supplement sun, sea and sand with these vitamins.


Though you may be sitting at your desk right now, sweating as you clack away on your keyboard, we’d bet that you still have a vacation on the horizon. We love exploring new cities or lounging at the beach as much as the next person, but all that relaxation can actually be pretty tough on our bodies.

Most destinations, whether Sweden or the Seychelles, are hot and humid during the summer. You’ve probably ditched your regular exercise routine in favour of a splash in the sea, and the hassle of hauling yourself to the airport and squeezing into those stiff seats can be wildly stressful. Even with that extra nap by the pool, summer vacations often leave you dehydrated, fatigued and sleep-deprived from the lack of high-quality nutrients that you normally enjoy in your balanced, green-heavy diets.

Not all is lost, though, and there’s no need to opt only for yoga retreats (though kudos if you do!). A well-thought-out supplement routine can keep your body chugging along no matter the vacation. So don’t you dare step on that train or plane without our five favourite supplements in your suitcase.

  1. #1. Astaxanthin

It may be difficult to pronounce, but it’s easy peasy to pop this supplement, even when you’re on holiday. Whether you stick to the shade, covered in sunscreen or bask in the glory of the sun, you’re likely to get too much of it. With each sunburn, our cells are damaged, which is bad for our health. Luckily, antioxidants like astaxanthin help to combat free radicals and can keep those cells as healthy and happy as possible.

  1. #2. Gluten Aid

These days, many of us suffer from gluten allergies or intolerances, but it’s almost impossible to resist that warm, fresh croissant or calamari fritti when on vacation. To keep your gut health in check, pack Gluten Aid, an enzyme blend that helps to digest grains, as well as dairy. Double win!

  1. #3. Melatonin

Though days spent running around in the sun will likely wear you out, you may also be tempted by a few too many cocktails or a night spent dancing under the stars. With melatonin in your suitcase – it’s even better if you can find a supplement that contains magnesium and L-theanine as well – will make sure you are bright and rested no matter the time zone you’re in.

  1. #4. Glow Inner Beauty Powder

Your skin may take a real beating, as well as your insides, when you’re on vacation. To keep the glow inside and out, pack a small jar of this drinkable tonic that contains antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and probiotics for a healthy gut and radiant skin.

  1. #5. Detox Plus

To be honest, we often feel we need a vacation from our vacation once we’ve returned, but what we really crave is a detox. Instead of coming back feeling sluggish and lacklustre, bring a small jar of Detox Plus in your bag. It supports body cleansing and kidney, bile and liver function. Go ahead and have that third mojito!


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