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The 10 sexy side effects of a 45 min ro’ride


Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up one morning with a perfectly sculpted bums and a six pack? Without ever having done one squat or a round of Russian twists? We know we’d love that, but unfortunately, that’s wishful thinking. Unfortunately, you’ve got to put in the work to get serious results. Fortunately, Rocycle is not just effective; it’s a damn good time.

Ever wondered what the benefits of 45 minutes in the studio are? Well keep reading to learn about the 10 sexy side effects of a Ro’ride, from head to toe.

  1. #1. It’s a mood booster. 

    When you exercise, endorphins flood your brain. These happy hormones improve your mood. Bonus! They help you sleep better too.

  2. #2. You’ll be a little like Benjamin Button. 

    Studies show that these tough times on the bike actually reverse the signs of aging on your skin, keeping you looking visibly younger. Just be sure to check out our tips to getting the glow post-workout.

  3. #3. Moving gets you moving. 

    Cycling helps to improve your circulation, your lung capacity and your digestion. Pretty great, huh?

  4. #4. You’ll have perfect posture.

    All those crunches you’re doing and hills you’re climbing aren’t for nothing. These bad boys will strengthen both your core and your back, ensuring you could walk with books on your head, no problem.

  5. #5. Your bike is where the heart is.

    Or at least it should be! Studies also show that regular cycling reduces the risk of heart disease by half.

  6. #6. You’ll become a card-carrying member of the quad squad. 

    Cycling is the key to toned quads and a perky bum. Looks like we found you, Miss New Booty.

  7. #7. When your thighs are burning in class, you’re burning loads of fat.

    Getting your blood pumping during a 45 minute Ro’ride can burn up to 500 calories. Did someone say extra fries?

  8. #8. Infections will become a thing of the past. 

    Regular exercise keeps immune cells active. That way, they’re ready to fight off infections easily.

  9. #9. Be flexible. 

    No, we don’t mean with your schedule (though maybe it’s time to try that 9:00 class on Saturday morning!). We’re talking about your joints. Because it’s both high-intensity and low-impact, Rocycle makes sure that your knees and hip flexors stay well-oiled and limber.

  10. #10. We saved the best for last – you’ll have better sex! 

    Cycling improves both stamina and blood flow. Looks like our showers won’t be the only spots getting steamy after class.

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