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The 6 texts to send when you need to cancel


For a lot of us, making plans is a lot more fun than actually following through on them. We have good intentions when we agree to that after-work drink with a friend or Sunday morning yoga class, but when it comes down to the moment of truth, it can often feel impossible. Life gets in the way sometimes. And trust us, there’s no need to beat yourself up, as it happens to everyone.

It certainly shouldn’t become a habit, as that’s a quick and easy way to lose friends or be labelled the flake of the group, but occasionally you really need a breather. Even though it may seem like a daunting task, riddled with anxiety, we have a few suggestions for how to let your friends down in a truthful, respectful way whilst still prioritising your self-care.

  1. #1. When it’s your wallet and not your willpower that’s keeping you from going out…

“I’ve gotta be honest: my bank account is honestly suffering. Any chance you’d be down to rain check for after payday? Otherwise, I’d love to have you over for some Netflix n chill (without the innuendos!) if you’re up for it.”

  1. #2. When the person you’re texting knows you inside and out…

“I know we had plans tonight, but it’s been a long time since my sofa and I have had a date. Can we reschedule for next week same time? Then I promise my sofa won’t be jealous J.”

  1. #3. When you’ve inconvenienced the friend you were supposed to see…

“I feel so terrible to change plans on you so last minute, but at the moment, I would be truly terrible company. Let me make it up to you next week, and I’ll grab the first round (or two!).”

  1. #4. When you think the plans would be much better from the comfort of home…

“I’ve got good news and bad news. I’ll hit you with the bad news first. I am totally wiped. But! I’ve got some Van Leeuwen ice cream in my freezer and a couple of Gone Nuts salads from the CPJ with our names on them if you’re up for a low-key catch-up.”

  1. #.5 When you’ve overdone it on Friday night and are in need of a detox…

“Oh my goodness I did not see last night coming. How would you feel about a little a** kicking at Rocycle this evening instead of biertjes and bitterballen? We can grab a healthy bite afterwards!”

  1. #6. When your friend appreciates a little joke…

“I was considering telling you my (non-existent) cat died or that I have food poisoning, but we both know that neither of those things is true. I’m in desperate need of a me-day to nest. Would you be ok with scrapping our plans and meeting up this weekend instead?”


Whichever you go with, just be honest! And don’t make a habit of it. Good friends will let it slide. And who knows, they may have been crafting texts of their own!


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