The face behind the mat: Wendy – Rocycle
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The face behind the mat: Wendy


Of course, we love to work up a sweat with tap-backs and pyramids, but we’re expanding our repertoire. When you build up those muscles with all those Ro’rides, you also have to stretch them out. 

That’s why we are so excited to finally bring you Royoga: sweat-drippin’ yoga that will have you feeling energised and on top of the world after every class. We’ve got Royoga, Roslow and Rostretch, so whatever your mood, there’s a flow for you.

Because community is the heart of what we do, we want you to really get to know our instructors so that they start to feel like family. That’s why today, we want to introduce you to one of our fantastic Royoga teachers, Wendy. We chatted with her to find out a bit more about her and what Rocycle means to her.

Hey Wendy! Welcome to the Ro’fam! Let’s start at the beginning. Can you introduce yourself?

I am 37 years old, and I’ve been working as a yoga teacher for two years. I’m so happy to have found my passion in life and to share that passion with others. I was born in Gouda and lived across the Netherlands in cities like Hilversum, Amersfoort and Haarlem. I love seeing different parts of the world. In fact, I did my teacher training at an ashram in India. Before that, I was living in Curacao, pursuing my other dream of working as a scuba instructor. 

Wow! You’ve been all over. Lucky you! You’re obviously new as an instructor at Rocycle. How did you find your way here?

I saw a post on Facebook and immediately responded, as I was still looking for some extra teaching hours.

Thank god for Facebook, right? Have you always been into yoga?

I’ve been into yoga for about 15 years now after initially practicing at the gym.

Yoga has so many poses (they’re called asanas, right?!). Do you have a favourite?

I don’t have a particular favourite pose. It really depends on the day and what my body needs in the moment. I can say, however, that I like very simple poses like diamond or mountain pose.

Excuse us while we Google those quickly haha! There are a fair few yoga studios already operating in Rotterdam, but we think Royoga is really something special. What do you think sets it apart?

I think Royoga will really become an institution in Rotterdam, just as Rocycle has done in other cities already. When you go to Rocycle, you go for the full experience. You just get a bit more than you do at other studios. Also, I think the community feeling plays a big part in making it what it is.

Totally. We couldn’t agree more. Upward dog or downward dog?

Downward dog! I just love it, especially in the morning when my hamstrings are still tight. I can just feel everything loosening up when I hold the pose longer.

Oh, that is luxurious. What’s your most beloved style of yoga? Yin? Vinyasa? Hatha?

Ooh, difficult question! I love all styles, depending on my mood and what my body needs. I think I make my own style by mixing them all together.

Maybe one day we’ll be practicing Wendy Yoga! Many people want to incorporate yoga or mindfulness practices into their everyday lives. Do you have any tips for how to do that?

I suggest practicing on a regular basis, and when you first try yoga, make sure you have an experienced teacher. It really makes a difference when you’re guided by someone, and the teacher can adjust your posture to the right alignment. After that, I suggest you follow your own yoga path completely. It’s different for everyone. Although my yoga practice is quite stable now (every day on the mat), I’ve had different phases of practicing yoga on and off. Don’t be too rigid or hard on yourself. Just go with the flow, and you’ll start noticing that, after a while, your body will start asking for it.

Practice makes perfect. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I’m trying to be an early bird, but I’m actually a night owl!

We suppose we’ll see you in those evening classes then. What do you like to wear when you practice?

Anything that’s comfy, but the pants can’t be too wide otherwise they get in the way during practice.

Then some Rocycle tights would be perfect! Last question: what does Royoga mean to you?

Royoga is a great opportunity to teach a lot and to be part of a super great team of instructors. I really like the community feeling and that we all support one another.


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