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Meatless. Lettuce convince you.


Everybody knows about dry January, but what about Veganuary? If you missed this meatless month, fear not. You can still go meatless this month. Or any month for that matter.

As the old year rolls over into the new, many people pledge to cut out all animal products from their diets. There are innumerable reasons that people take on this challenge. Some are looking to improve their health. Others are stewards of the environment. And others still want to get their wallets as lean as their waistlines.

This month, we’ve decided to crush our goals, and one of those is to go completely meatless. While we still may have some animal products like honey, we know that we can make it to March feeling refreshed and renewed.

Not so sure about skirting the steak or chucking your chicken? Well, lettuce convince you.

It may sound tough, but going veg, if only for a month, can make a big difference in your life. Studies have shown that reducing or eliminating meat consumption can limit cancer risk, fight diabetes, reduce heart disease and stroke and curb obesity. There is also evidence that suggests that consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables with little meat can help increase longevity. Now who doesn’t want to live a longer, healthier life?

Not so concerned with your health? To be honest, we hope that’s none of you, but there is another compelling reason to eat a plant-based diet. Ditching the meat will have your wallet cheering. Your weekly food budget will be slashed by opting for proteins like chickpeas and roasted nuts over pork chops. But that’s not all! You can curtail long-term healthcare spending. Consider this preventative care.

Still not convinced? Then you might want to consider the environmental impact our diets have. Electing to eat less or no meat can help to minimize water usage, reduce greenhouse gases and reduce fuel dependence. Eating your greens will help the planet stay green.

Sounds good? Great! We’re happy to have you on board. After all, there is strength in numbers. To make this as seamless a transition as possible, we’ve got a few tips for you to turn February into your month without meat.

  1. #1. Know your why 

    As with all resolutions, it is essential to have good reasons why you’re making a lifestyle change or taking on a challenge. Think about what you hope to achieve with this meatless month and write it down! It’ll come in handy later when you’re faced with temptation.

  2. #2. Build an army – of recipes, that is.

    If you go into this blindly, you are destined to struggle. Preparation is the key to success! Research meatless recipes or veg-versions of your favourite dishes to help you meal plan for the month.

  3. #3. Speaking of research, find out which restaurants serve delicious vegetarian food.

    Eating at home all the time is boring, but heading out for sushi when you’re avoiding animal protein is going to be just as unsatisfying. No one wants to eat steamed white rice for dinner! Ensure you have a list of the best places to get an acai bowl for breakfast or a squash risotto when you start to get hangry.

  4. #4. Pump up the protein.

    There is nothing worse than feeling deprived, so make sure you are getting adequate protein even without those weekly burgers. Tofu, lentils, beans, nuts and seeds are all great sources. If you eat a varied diet, you are sure to be just fine.

  5. #5. Have fun!

    Try to focus on what you can add, rather than what you’re cutting out. It needn’t be a sad, restrictive month. Take on the challenge with a buddy and know that you’re doing something great for your body and the world. And if all else fails, it’s only a month!


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