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The importance of refueling, fast.


If you’re on a road trip, and your gas light comes on, you’re pretty likely to slip off the highway and into a gas station. Because no one wants to get caught on empty in the middle of nowhere, right? Though you may think you can last until dinner or save a few extra calories by skipping that smoothie, you should have the same mind-set when it comes to your body and exercise.

You already know the importance of getting the right nutrition during mealtimes and have seen how it helps you maximize your workout, but you may be ignoring a crucial cog in the nutrition wheel: the post-workout refuel. Can you guess how long you should wait before pumping a bit more of that metaphorical gas into the tank? Turns out, it’s just 30 minutes.

Even if you don’t have an appetite, it is critical that you get nutrients into your body half an hour after you work out. After you’ve exercised – during which time you’ve stimulated your muscles – the muscles begin to breakdown in the decay phase. Ensuring you have good nutrition during this window will help boost muscle growth in a positive way.

Though it is tempting to #treatyoself and reach for a candy bar, it’s just as important to snack smart as it is to workout hard. You should aim for about a 50/50 split of carbs and protein, but not just any carbs will do. Aim for high-quality carbs that boast a robust nutritional profile. Think a banana smeared with natural peanut butter, rye toast with a soft-boiled egg and avocado or grab The Sh*t smoothie from the Cold Pressed Juicery before you leave the studio.

So the moral of the story is to eat soon and eat right. When you work hard, you need to show your bod some love. That way it’s ready for the next Ro’ride on your schedule.


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