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The (not so) sweet life


It’s easy to think that it’s all sugar and spice and everything nice, but not everything about the white stuff is actually so sweet. Studies have shown that consuming too much sugar can drastically dehydrate you, cause insomnia and also fuel the fire for unhealthy bacterial growth in your gut. Sounds pretty bad, no?

But quitting the habit cold turkey is much easier said than done. Trust us, we know. So instead of setting your sugar bowl aflame and throwing out every treat in your cupboards, we want to provide you a list of tips to make the transition easier. That way, this sweet separation will be long-term, rather than just a temporary conscious uncoupling.

Here’s how to ensure you’re reaching for an orange instead of an Oreo, next time those ferocious cravings strike.

#1. Focus on your long-term goals.

It sounds crazy, but giving proper attention to the benefits you’ll reap in the long run from ditching sugar will help keep you motivated. Imagine those killer abs this summer or picture your clear, glowing skin by next winter, and you won’t even be tempted to grab that stroopwaffel.

#2. Add adaptogens to adapt to your new sugar habits.

Adaptogens like maca and ashwagandha help curb cravings and diminish stress (which often kicks off our cravings!). Adding a spoonful or two to your afternoon smoothie will help with your sweet tooth. Bonus: they’ll also help ramp up your sex life. Sweet!

#3. Opt for natural sweeteners.

Your body processes refined sugars much more quickly than those that are natural and unrefined. Adding dates or coconut sugar to your chia pudding will help you avoid blood sugar spikes.

#4. Uh huh, honey.

Fear not, your life will still be sweet and golden! Stirring a little bit of honey into your morning coffee can help stabilize cravings for the rest of the day. Spring for raw honey, as it has many natural, healing properties.

#5. Get fruity.

Nature’s candy is staring right at you! Ditch the Snickers and blend up a handful of frozen bananas into a delicious and naturally sweet n’ice cream!


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