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The Oost with the Most


Whew! Where is the time going? We don’t know about you, but we feel like the year is flying by. It feels like just yesterday when we were still dreaming about the possibility of a fifth location, and now here we are. Rocycle Oost’s opening is just around the corner, and we can’t wait.

Because we’re so damn excited – and because we imagine you are too – we thought we’d start the countdown together. In just three short weeks, we will throw open the doors to our brand new studio. On September 16, you better hop on your bike and head over to Eerste Oosterparkstraat 92, as we can bet it’s going to be the newest neighbourhood hotspot.

With 64 bikes, a juice bar for refuelling before and after class and an amazing group of instructors and studio team on location, it just might become our favourite studio yet.

To celebrate the new studio, get the Eastside pack.

Valid at the Oost studio. Until September 30.

Wondering what’s running on repeat through our minds right now? Here’s a sneak peek!

  1. #1. Oh. My. God. 
  2. #2. Three weeks?! Are we going to be ready?
  3. #3. Of course we’re going to be ready. We’ve got this under control.
  4. #4. Mmmmmmmm a JUICE BAR. What smoothie are we going to order after our first ride?
  5. #5. We can’t believe our dreams are coming true. Five studios in three years. How freaking insane is that?
  6. #6. Oost is so damn cool. Why weren’t we here before?
  7. #7. We want to look good on opening day. Let’s check out that online shop…
  8. #8. Do you think it’s possible to hit all four studios in one day? No…that’s crazy…right?!
  9. #9. I wonder what’s cool to do in the neighbourhood.
  10. #10. When are we going to have our first fully booked class in Oost?
  11. #11. We truly cannot wait to welcome all of our fantastic riders in our new studio! We are so lucky to have them all.
  12. #12. Hmmm with another new studio, we’re going to have a lot more classes. And you know what that means? More instructors! I wonder who’s coming on board next!
  13. #13. But first, let me take a sweaty selfie…
  14. #14. What’s in store for us next!?

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