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The Ro’Gift Guide 2019


That’s right. It’s December. Though some of us may be kicking up a fuss because of the chilly weather or dragging our feet getting things prepared for the holidays, it’s time to face the music. The festive season is upon us. At this point in the year you’ve made it through over 330 days and powered your way through innumerable Ro’rides. We can bet you’ve reached many goals, whether at home, at work or in the studio, and we can imagine you are ready to take on this next month with energy and enthusiasm. And while you are probably ready with a perfect plan to keep fit over the festive season, you may have forgotten about one very important thing: presents!

Instead of rushing around on December 23, tossing socks and chocolate bars at frenzied cashiers, we have you covered. Check out our 2019 Ro’guide, complete with 12 healthy gifts for 12 healthy days of Christmas.

#1 Guns ‘n’ Roses. With all the time you spend in the studio, it’s no wonder you have muscle soreness and tightness. After all, you are a badass on that bike. To relieve the tension and help improve your overall fitness, you’d be well-served to add a Theragun to your wish list.

#2 Palate cleanser. Let’s face it. The holidays are not exactly the healthiest time of year. We’ve all got Christmas party after Christmas party, which means lots of booze and rich food. While we love to indulge for this month, we like the idea of cleaning out the pipes once it’s over. That’s why a 1, 3 or 5 day juice cleanse is in order. You’ll feel as sparkly and vibrant as the lights on your tree.

#3 Get a leg up on the competition. Since you spend so much time in the studio (and we’d wager also at the gym or running in the park), you want to look as chic as possible, while still being comfortable. Why not ask for a pair of practical yet stylish leggings from Sweaty Betty or some cool shorts from Lululemon?

#4 Go for a spin. Hey, we couldn’t come up with a gift guide without putting a gift card to Rocycle on there! Do you blame us? You can go ahead and book two spots, one for your BFF or partner and one for you, to ensure that they are as enthusiastic as you are.

#5 Mix it up. Being healthy is great and all, but it can often feel expensive and inconvenient. Take matters into your own hands (and your own kitchen) by asking Santa to bring you a Vitamix. You can whip up smoothies and creamy, healthy soups in the blink of an eye with the help of this high-powered blender.

#6 Retreat yourself. What is better than the gift of relaxation and mindfulness? With everyone’s hectic lifestyles these days, it can be difficult to switch off, particularly when we’re in our normal environments. Tune the whole world out at a private retreat in the magical Swedish woods. You’ll focus on yoga, mindfulness and meditation while you’re there, and you’ll come back a better, calmer, more refreshed you.

#7 Float on. If you’re on a bit of a peaceful wellness kick, then you’ve probably heard about floating. The sensory deprivation tanks do wonders for stress levels and sleep, so you’d be remiss not to add a few float sessions at Koan Float to your list.

#8 Hydration station. We all know that getting enough water in each and every day is essential for wellbeing. It makes our skin look better. It improves digestion. Basically, there’s not much proper hydration can’t do. If you’re someone who tends to forget to get those glasses in, we highly recommend asking for an Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder to ensure you get in those 8 cups.

#9 Light at the end of the tunnel. Speaking of glasses, it might be time to upgrade the ones on your face. Because we all spend so much time in front of screens, we absorb way more blue light than we should. This blue light causes ionising damage to the back of our eyes over time and disrupts sleep. To avoid it, put in a request for a pair of blue light-filtering glasses from Ace & Tate. You’ll feel better, sleep better and look better to, as they can pop the lenses into any of their super cool frames.

#10 Jump for joy. It’s important to actually make working out a priority. You have to carve out time to do it consistently, just like you do with brushing your teeth or cleaning your apartment. If you travel a lot, that can be tough to do, but if you have a jump rope, it’s easy peasy. Ask for this super chic jump rope to make working out on the go a snap.

#11 A real wakeup call. Getting up in the morning is hard. Particularly on these dark days of winter. Make it a whole lot easier and a whole lot more pleasant with a Philips Somneo Wake-Up Light. It’s also great for relaxation.

#12 Full steam ahead. It’s so cosy to cook at home in the winter, but it’s easy to fall into the temptation of cheesy, greasy comfort foods. And while they may not feel as indulgent, healthy steamed food can be just as sexy, particularly when you whip them up in a gorgeous ceramic donabe. Try this Soy and Ginger Steamed Fish for big flavours and mega health.


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