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If you’re reading this, you’re probably already fairly dedicated to your fitness regime, whether that’s 6 Ro’rides per week or an occasional class and jog in the park. And while that is excellent news and we’re all very proud of you here at Rocycle, there is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle that you may be missing: stretching.

Though it may feel like one more annoying step in your routine, we beg you not to skip it. We understand that not everyone has the extra 3 minutes at the end of a killer Beastmode to lengthen those calves and stretch those quads, but it is incredibly important that you incorporate even a few minutes of stretching into your day at some point. Squeeze in just five minutes when you wake up in the morning, and your body will thank you. 

Not convinced? We’re sharing a list of the best benefits of daily stretching to inspire you to adopt this healthy habit.

  1. #1. Kick pain to the curb.

The more regularly you stretch, the more relief you provide to achy joints and tight muscles. This means you’ll be able to move much more easily and with less pain. Regular stretching increases mobility and turns you into a well-oiled machine.

  1. #2. Achieve peak performance.

So remember how we just told you your mobility will increase and you’ll move more easily and with less pain? Well that also means you’ll be able to optimise your workouts. While you might think being limber has nothing to do with dominating your pyramids, you’re wrong. Regular stretching will improve your form, no matter the workout.

  1. #3. Avoid injury.

In the same vein, you’ll be less likely to injure yourself if your muscles are warmed up before a workout. Joints will move more effectively and muscles will be more able to take any strain you throw at them. Stretching also improves your balance, helping you stay more stable on your feet and avoid tripping and hurting yourself.

  1. #4. You’ll basically be a human pretzel.

Do we even need to tell you what this will help with? We know we’ve never heard anyone complain about us being able to put our legs behind our head.

  1. #5. You will have boundless energy.

Alright alright, maybe not boundless energy. But light stretching can have the same effect on you as a double espresso. A short session of light stretching increases blood flow, which stirs your brain. You’ll feel refreshed and energized after your new mid-afternoon stretch break.

  1. #6. You’ll be chill AF.

Wait, didn’t we just tell you you’d be energized? Well, luckily stretching serves a dual purpose. Because stretching relieves stiff muscles, it makes your brain believe you are less stressed. Who even needs a chill pill when you’ve got downward dog?

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